The new digital signage installation has been carried out in Helsinki Kamppi shopping centre is an Led display of 14.4 meters in height, located on the outside, which is equipped with Matrox Mura MPX Series cards.

Matrox in Kamppi shopping center

The shopping center Kamppi in Helsinki (Finland) has replaced the Led display digital signage that had installed outside, in the central part of the façade, by another whose size is large triple. This display 14.4 meters Led uses the video cards for displays and video walls Matrox Mura MPX Series.

The Kamppi is a modern building which offers bus and subway stations on the lower floors and receives an influx of 110,000 people a day approximately. In order to attract a greater number of buyers, the Centre decided to replace the previous screen, which had already been installed six years, by a new larger display.

Matrox_Mura_MPXA project that engaged the services of the Integrator Craneworks He was responsible for its installation and manages its performance on a daily basis.

"The local digital signage company registered an outdoor display Led digital 108 square meters, which is three times larger than its predecessor. It is the first installation of this type installed by this provider", says Sami Käyhkö, CEO of Craneworks.

HP Z600 with Mura MPX-4/4

Matrox Mura MPX 4/4Craneworks opted for this project for a workstation HP Z600 controlled by a card Matrox Mura MPX-4/4, which has four inputs and outputs four HD, all on a single plate.

Entries are two multimedia Mac mini for redundancy, a DVI input local and a live source. Source live becomes different sources of external video (HD-SDI, composite and VGA) to Mura, which then scale the content.

"We needed to have a climber that could display video in full screen and split it in two different outputs. This was essential, since we had to transmit video signals from a computer", explains Jukka Vuoristo, Craneworks project manager.

Mura MPX Series cards, that include various types of capture and display, video and SDI SKU can be combined within a single controller systems to meet specific requirements of channel and control video from almost any size wall for various applications.

Present and future

Matrox Mura MPXThe investment in the Mall has amortized in just one year. There is a great demand for advertising time on the screen and you can see everything from commercials and sources of social networks to interactive games.

Another advantage is that the nearby plaza Narinkkatori, which is opposite the screen, has become the venue for different events such as live opera, launches music videos and proposals of marriage, and is used for this purpose, the screen.

"The card Matrox Mura is easier to create attractive signage provisions that incorporate sources of content live, multimedia mini for Mac and various funds signage content. We have many special in Kamppi campaigns and often receive different sources of live video we have to scale and place on the screen with different background materials. With Matrox Mura, we can leverage the capabilities of scaling and exchange tickets. We have the freedom that we need from the point of view of programming,"says Kayhko.

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By • 26 Nov, 2015
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