Hand Neo Advertising, Carrefour has launched a digital signage project, installing screens and interactive kiosks in retail outlets has throughout the Spanish territory. The aim is to encourage customer communication and multi-channel direct way.

Neo Advertising Carrefour

Carrefour is inserted in its center a digital experience based on digital signage technology to use this communication channel to transmit digital and interactive content at the point of sale, via connected to the data network devices.

Los objetivos pasan por dar información para optimizar las compras, potenciar el interés en los productos y fomentar las ventas. Para ello, se han desarrollado aplicaciones para visualizar contenidos en tiempo real vía URL, de gestión de tiempos de espera y catálogos interactivos en la vinoteca o puericultura que fomentan la venta cruzada de productos.

Carrefour client enjoys innovative and interactive point of sale. Consulting the catalog and stock through the screens helps organize the purchasing process into sections such as kitchenware, appliances or electronics. The new features are designed to enhance the experience of each consumer and encourage multi-channel customer communication.

Neo Advertising It has been the company responsible for providing, installing and configuring the hardware and software at the national level, as well as content management and maintenance of the entire system. Solutions installed in the project are all customized and integrated into furniture center.

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By • 22 Jan, 2016
• Section: Study cases, Digital signage, Display