So many ArenaMatch DeltaQ speaker arrays as the ArenaMatch Utility speakers are suitable for use in providing a quality of sound, consistency, vocal clarity and flexibility improved outdoor facilities such as sports stadiums, arenas or entertainment centers.

Bose ArenaMatch

Bose Professional He has presented the new line of arrangements and facilities abroad ArenaMatch loudspeakers.

Arrays ArenaMatch has incorporated DeltaQ technology to offer a quality of sound, consistency, vocal clarity and flexibility improved for installations in outdoor areas, such as sports stadiums, arenas or entertainment centers to the free air.

Since they have a weatherproof IP55 rating, ArenaMatch DeltaQ modules allow to assemble arrays speakers reliable and durable exterior that deliver a consistent and intelligible sound for listeners.

DeltaQ technology allows the directivity, or 'Q', vary in each module in order to provide coverage that more accurately matches the audience area. With nine coverage patterns, designers can choose between modules with 10, 20 or 40 degrees vertical coverage and switch between horizontal waveguides of 60, 80 or 100 degrees, even in the case of arrangements already assembled, to adjust the coverage horizontal and create asymmetric patterns as needed.

By reducing the amount of modules you need, ArenaMatch speakers allow improving the lines of vision, reducing the weight of the arrangement and lower total cost systems compared with some conventional arrays. The flexibility of the coverage of the ArenaMatch speakers implies that a greater amount of sound will arrive where needed.

ArenaMatch offers a turnkey solution for complete outdoor sound systems. Designers can use modules of ArenaMatch arrangement of 40 ° for applications of point source and the 10, 20 and 40 ° to the arrangements online. All with the same transducers, in order to obtain a consistent tonal balance.

The combination of the ArenaMatch speakers with speakers ArenaMatch Utility allows you to equalize the system more easily.

The ArenaMatch speakers are also compatible with amplifiers PowerMatch of Bose, the ControlSpace DSP and the ControlSpace Designer (like Dante connectivity) software, simplifies the configuration and monitoring, saving you time with the preselections of the equalizer, limiter, and the crossover of the speaker configuration.

In the case of outdoor sports, ArenaMatch speakers provide an audio course for the whole area of viewers, delivering ads and moves clearly calls.

The 14-inch neodymium woofer and the 6 drivers of neodymium compression with Bose in each module EMB2S Titanium Diaphragm provide a superior intelligibility.

When it comes to music, they offer reproduction of music completely clear and far-reaching.

Its resistance to weathering includes a stainless steel grid of three layers, an impermeable layer on the woofer's cone, a foreign industrial polyurethane coating and a beaded entrance cover.

All ArenaMatch models come in a standard format with a capacity of biamplification, a passive crossover and 70/100 transformer inputs V, by what can be adapted to a wide variety of configurations. They also include M12 threaded inserts with internal link of steel bars for use with frames or accessories Assembly tools for custom arrangements of Bose.

Speakers ArenaMatch Utility
Designed to play music in the foreground of high SPL or provide coverage of reinforcement, the four new ArenaMatch Utility Bose speakers feature a tonal balance similar to array ArenaMatch modules, but in compact designs.

These have the same drivers of compression EMB2S ArenaMatch arrays, ensuring a consistent sound and same weatherproof IP55 rating. They can be deployed to provide coverage of reinforcement at sports stadiums, arenas and outdoor entertainment centers. I.e., they are suitable for use in any outdoor area, from specific places such as pubs and venues for fairs to larger spaces such as shopping malls and tourist.

These speakers provide a wide and uniform coverage through a trumpet from high frequency with constant directivity Horn, which can be rotated for horizontal or vertical installation.

ArenaMatch Utility modules can operate in the most demanding applications with the larger model (AMU208), which boasts a 70 Hz – 16 kHz and an SPL frequency response peak of 126 dB, and all the models reproduce the most serious vocal registers. ArenaMatch Utility modules can be mounted with bracket included stainless steel U -shaped.

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By • 18 Feb, 2019
• Section: Audio