Composed models VTX M20 and VTX M22, is line incorporates woofers neodymium Differential Drive, the high frequency transducers D2 dual diaphragm and a new guide high-frequency waves (Image Control Waveguide) to provide optimum control and gain before of feedback.


The division Audio Tour JBL Professional It has unveiled the premium line VTX M stage monitors, designed for the most demanding applications.

With a sleek design, this series consists of models VTX M20 and VTX M22 incorporates the woofers neodymium Differential Drive, the high frequency transducers D2 dual diaphragm and a new guide high frequency waves (Image Control Waveguide) to provide and optimum control gain before feedback.

JBL VTX M22The VTX M20 has dual 10 inch woofers and D2 compression engine 3 inches, while M22 has the same VTX engine compression and dual 12 inch woofers. Both models are available in Spain and Portugal hand Earpro.

“La serie M es la primera línea de monitores de escenario específica de la familia de productos VTX de JBL, para Touring. Al trabajar con algunos de los mejores técnicos de monitores del sector, llegamos a la conclusión de que debíamos satisfacer sus necesidades y suplir las carencias de otras soluciones de monitorización. Para conseguir nuestras metas, mezclamos lo mejor de la tecnología JBL con nuevos componentes que fueron desarrollados desde cero específicamente para estos monitores. Como resultado, estos monitores premium de escenario están preparados para las aplicaciones más exigentes y de máxima potencia”, comenta George Georgallis, Product Manager, Tour Sound Amps, Speakers and DSP.

The high frequency section series M compression engine uses dual D2430 3 "which is the same line array models incorporate large format VTX V25-II. D2 transducer is coupled to a new high frequency waveguide and coverage of 60 × 60 degrees, having a shape specifically adapted for this series and for stage monitoring applications.

This waveguide is based on technology Image Control Waveguide JBL, originally developed for JBL studio monitors M2. Coupled to the transducer D2, it offers a very consistent pattern coverage, allowing the M series achieve excellent gain before feedback.

JBL VTX M20Woofers the VTX M series using Differential Drive neodymium technology, allowing an excellent heat dissipation, low distortion and high power. They have dual coils 3 ", which is more than double the area of ​​the coil than traditional designs.

One of the best features of this design is its surprisingly low weight, which makes the M series is the lightest in its class, with half the weight of many references from other brands. The two woofers will supported by a bass-reflex enclosure with a large low frequency port, which allows the system to reproduce low frequencies up to 50 Hz with minimal noise and turbulence.

The M series allows both operating modes dual channel (bi-amplified) as the only (passive), which can be configured in the switch section easily accessible. This reduces the cost by mixing, allowing M to be the ideal solution for a much wider audience solution series.

When single channel mode (passive) is selected, an internal passive network that amplifies an amplifier channel, reducing overall amplification requirements is activated. Unlike typical passive monitors, the M Series delivers preset responsibilities of the box between the DSP amplifier and internal passive network.

El DSP externo es responsable de corregir la respuesta en frecuencia, la linearización de la respuesta de fase y de la protección de los componentes, mientras que la red interna sólo es responsable de los filtros paso alto y paso bajo. La combinación del proceso interno y externo recrea un preset de caja acústica biamplificada, pero usando sólo un canal de amplificación. La frecuencia, respuesta en fase y máxima potencia de salida es idéntica tanto en el modo biamplificado como en el modo pasivo.

Like all other products JBL VTX, the M series is exclusively powered by stages Crown Itech HD-based DSP, allowing optimum performance and consistency. In single channel mode, a single amplifier 4x3500HD Crown can feed up to 8 monitors the M series (in four independent mixtures monitor), creating a compact monitoring.

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By • 11 Jul, 2016
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