Establishments in the country are installing interactive tables designed with 43-inch screens that offer 40 touch points. These kiosks display are built with multi-touch sensors Zybrid.

Zytronic Hyundai dealership Turkey

Hyundai has introduced its dealer network in Turkey, comprising 80 stores a customer system where digital tables are the main protagonist. In addition, to install another 10 or 20 teams in malls and different parts of the country in the coming months.

These information centers have been developed by the company NerotouchDesigning digital interactive tables with 43-inch screens that incorporate touch 40 points thanks to technology MPCT Zytronic.

According to Asli Kubilay, managing partner of Nerotouch, "Hyundai originally sued us a project that would improve the environment and the customer experience at dealerships. We modified it and created multi-touch digital tables that can be used by both customers and the sales team to facilitate their business operations. "

Zytronic Hyundai dealership Turkey

Nerotouch has not only designed and manufactured the touch table but has also supplied the multi-touch software. With these tablets, the sales team can set up an automobile according to customer needs.

Hyundai chose the multi-touch sensors Zybrid, "because they can be designed as small amounts and provide a user experience truly exceptional, handling reliably multi-touch inputs to vendor and customer to discuss the sale," said Asli Kubilay .

Nerotouch was able to exceed the expectations of Hyundai creating a digital light table, you can easily move around the showroom, so that can be located anywhere in the dealership, adapting to the needs of the store and the brand.

The Zybrid 42 inch touch sensors are designed to measure anti-glare and anti-reflection glass of 4 mm, thermally tempered. It combines a long lasting durable surface with optimal tactile response to customer requests. Besides offering high image quality and optimal visibility under ceiling lighting.

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By • 4 Nov, 2016
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