An environment that offers a source audio in any format and support and allows to evaluate monitors in audio immersive, surround and stereo configurations. With its sound architecture, it is possible to route any source to different destinations, and monitor different configurations, from a stereo pair 8010A compact monitors until a full immersive 11.1 sound system.

It has opened its doors the first Genelec Experience Center, which is located in the heart of the London postproduction community, which has traditionally settled in the Soho area but that is now beginning to spread through Oxford Street, in the Fitzrovia district.

Encourages visitors to the Center to see their monitors in action Genelecmark that it is distributed in Spain Audio-Technica Iberia, and learn more about the selection, placement and calibration of the speakers. It allows them to have an audio source in virtually any format and support and evaluate monitors in audio immersive, surround and stereo configurations.

The highlight of the architecture of audio from the Center is the possibility of routing any audio source to any destination, so visitors can choose to monitor different configurations, from a stereo pair composed of monitors Compact 8010A until a full immersive 11.1 sound system.

In accordance with the growing commitment of Genelec with the use of DSPs to optimize the audio performance, the range of monitoring SAM is well represented, since this system 11.1 is based on 8351A, while a second set of surround monitors more 5.1 small is built around the 8320A model. A third surround system uses models of wall and ceiling of the architectural series of Genelec speakers to demonstrate how its technology of loudspeakers in commercial and residential installations.

"We wanted to create a room that is accessible for both end users and distributors, and Genelec monitors in an environment can prove either Treaty and controlled fate, as well as to learn about the technology of our systems and" know how it is possible to convert a room with an unconventional form like this in a space with a great sound. The asymmetry of the room and its roof are typical characteristics of the spaces where many end users working normally and we want to demonstrate to users how, with a relatively simple acoustic treatment and the power of the technology Genelec SAM, can transform a space certainly complicated into something very special", says Howard Jones, Manager, project manager and responsible for the oversight of the Center.

By virtue of its central location in London, Jones also sees the Genelec Experience Center as a space for the community of professional audio of the capital. "Training of distributors, display products, events press, clinics, seminars and video recording. All this can be developed with the assurance that any audio that is played will benefit from the monitoring system that currently rivals own Genelec in Finland factory Auditorium".

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By • 2 Mar, 2017
• Section: Audio, Training