Virtualware has developed a simulator using device HTC lives, to create a learning experience immersive depicting actual work situations and incidents, environments and allows you to carry out certain checks, even use different materials needed to make them.

Virtualware VR simulator training Adif

Adif It has a technological training center where goes your infrastructure maintenance staff. The Center seeks to be benchmark both nationally and internationally, for what they wanted to bet on the development of a learning in railway environments immersive experience. The purpose was to provide a training of high-level and innovative employees in certain procedures for Assembly and maintenance of electrification systems used in preventive and corrective maintenance of the facilities.

Virtualware He has developed a virtual reality simulator using the device HTC He lives for immersive training in the process of maintenance and ground installations of electrification. The interactive 'pill' moved to students in a virtual scenario that reproduces the real working environments, situations and incidents. Thanks to the system of virtual reality are completely immersed, using controls to perform various operations such as opening of panel saws, equipment of catenary, etc.

Virtualware VR simulator training Adif

The Simulator integrates two protocols, both AC and DC, allowing them to carry out certain checks, even using different material as poles needed to.

The Simulator is part of a complete training of the specialty that give their workers back entry, combined three methodologies: lectures, sessions of simulation and RV, and practical classes.

Is currently being the first experience with several workers in the center of technological education of Valencia, and it has been proven that this methodological combination allows to optimize learning, improving and accelerating the transfer of knowledge to the participants, helping them to form in the procedure of different protocols step by step without any risk.

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By • 15 Nov, 2017
• Section: Training, Simulation