The world premiere of the 'sphere of light', the Japanese tecnologico-creativo art new media Studio Rhizomatiks, assumed the show more immersive in the history of the festival, which can be seen at SonarPlanta until June 17 in Barcelona.

Sonarplanta 2017 Rhizomatiks phosphere

Directed by Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi, the study Rhizomatiks It has been the great claim of the inauguration of SonarPlanta, with the premiere of the work around the world immersive and interactive ' phosphere'(esfera de luz). Based in Tokyo, Rhizomatiks Research is your laboratory dedicated to explore new artistic possibilities of technology, within the scope of the new media, the art of data and other r & d projects. Its founder, Daito Manabe, is considered one of the most renowned digital artists in the world.

The installation 'phosphere' is an important step in new forms of creating immersive star Sonar+d 2017: a hybrid robotic in which synchronized mirrors, smoke machines, beams of light and up to twenty-four video projectors combine to build a striking spatial experience, which goes from the object to the light and assumes "the crystallization of the" space through technology".

Sonarplanta 2017 Rhizomatiks phosphere

Your part name comes from the Greek words 'phos' (light) and 'sphaira' (sphere), whose combination creates this term again stamp-'phosphere' - to define an experience in a changing space built by light, as its creators is shown. This experience immersive and interactive is generated with a computer system that combines two different spaces on the same plane: the physical space of the Hall and other digitally generated on the computer.

Through multiple projectors video, mirrors and a meticulous calculation of optical technology, both dimensions are synchronized to generate a new visual experience from the geometry in movement of all elements. As its creators, "phosphere proposes a new form of stereoscopy from an effect that we could call 'crystallized space', in analogy with Visual and spatial structures that create some minerals, whose designs exceed the imagination" human".

The work replicates this process by means of the most advanced digital technology to reproduce the processes of crystallization of certain minerals in a physical space, alluding to the geological world in which the plant project is part of the Foundation Sorigué in Balaguer (Lleida), an initiative jointly with Sonar launched in 2014 to promote the research and experimentation of the creative languages around technology and new media art.

Sonarplanta 2017 Rhizomatiks phosphere

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By • 16 Jun, 2017
• Section: Study cases, Events, illumination, Projection