Located in one of the most exclusive residential and tourist places of Spain, this bar-restaurant of Sotogrande has installed loudspeakers 4040AW by the bar area and the dining room after dinner, that is enabled as a dance floor.

Genelec Bay lemon Chiringochill

Sotogrande is a community that belongs to the municipality of San Roque, in the comarca of the Campo de Gibraltar. Offer hotel and sports areas, mainly golf courses, along with the numerous luxury residences where live and spend their holidays to some of the wealthiest and most influential families, have led to be one of the most exclusive areas of Spain and even in Europe.

In this unique location on the seafront of Torreguadiaro, close to the port of Sotogrande, is Bay lemon Chiringochill, a bar-restaurant located in beachfront that offers a relaxed, Mediterranean cuisine with products fresh from the sea, skewers, hammocks, cocktails and all kinds of events, which include music live and features ' circus dinner show, a type of show, in the style of the circus of the Sun, only along the coast.

The décor of the place is a real Beach, a very stylish bar but which stands out from the impersonal chic aesthetic that prevails in the majority of similar establishments in the area.

Genelec Bay lemon Chiringochill

Eastern ' chiringochill, as they themselves, are called is the first bar restaurant on-site with speakers Genelec 4040AW, brand distributed in Spain by Audio-Technica Iberiathat they have been installed and divided by the area of the bar and the dining room, after dinner, is enabled as a dance floor.

Although the bar is almost closed in its entirety, six installed speakers have protected by placing them inside a wooden boxes especially made for them. These provide optimal audio quality and a response that is appropriate both for accompaniment, since it provides the necessary point to maintain a lively atmosphere without disturbing the conversations, as for live music shows, where is you need a defined and powerful sound.

Genelec Bay lemon Chiringochill

Responsible for the advice, sale and installation of this audio speakers Genelec 4040AW-based system has been the DJ Juan Antonio Godoy, of the Sonometrica company. "I was looking for a solution that offered a high quality sound, which had a good appearance, which require little maintenance and which offer high reliability. After examining several possibilities, I opted for Genelec, and in particular by the 4040AW model which, in addition to comply with all these requirements, offered me an additional benefit: ease of installation. Being an active speaker which incorporates the transducers, the power amplifier, active crossover and the protection in a single, fully integrated system circuitry, is not necessary to use independent power amplifiers".

The Genelec 4040AW is a powerful and compact active speaker at the same time. This bi-amplified two-way system is specifically designed for use in fixed installations. It includes a 6.5-inch bass speaker and a unit of 3/4 "with metal dome tweeter.

Genelec Bay lemon Chiringochill

Its aluminum enclosure MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) provides a frequency very low cut and a structure free of vibrations, reducing diffraction. It also has intelligent circuitry ISS that switches the loudspeaker to standby mode when not detected audio signal at the input.

On the other hand, it incorporates the Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) technology, a system that helps to obtain a reproduction of sound with the utmost precision, regardless of the point of listening, something that is very practical, especially in environments acoustic complicated as it can be, for example, a bar or restaurant.

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By • 27 Jun, 2017
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