Five new models in sizes 24 to 27 inches and equipped with IPS panels, make this range aimed at the corporate market in which the design for multiple configurations and ergonomics are key elements.

AOC 90 Series Pro-line

Designed without a frame on three sides for maximum configuration flexibility, the five new Professional Series 90 monitors belonging to the Pro-Family line AOC, Equipped IPS panel 24 and I2490PXQU- I2490VXQ -models inch and 27 inch -models I2790VQ, I2790PQU and Q2790PQU.

La unión de varios monitores para realizar tareas simultáneas es imperceptible gracias a los marcos casi invisibles en los lados, lo que a su vez ayuda a aumentar la productividad. Los modelos I2490VXQ y I2790VQ están equipados con un soporte básico, mientras que los monitores I2490PXQU, I2790PQU y Q2790PQU incorporan un soporte ergonómico que se puede desmontar fácilmente, sin destornillador, y una amplia gama de opciones, como ajuste de altura de 130 mm, inclinación de -5 a + 25°, giro de 165° y rotación de 90°.

AOC 90 Series Pro-lineAll models 90 Series provide wide viewing angles (178 °) and high accuracy of color, sRGB range 100% and 90% NTSC. The flagship model -Q2790PQU- equips a QHD (2,560 × 1,440 pixels) panel to display four video streams 720p at a time. The remaining four models feature Full HD panel (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

As for connectivity is concerned, the monitors have inputs DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA to connect multiple image sources and see different types of content. All models feature speakers without external cables, and PQU and PXQU models feature a USB 3.0 for connecting peripheral devices.

Available on the market next July, except Q2790PQU model will be available in September one, these monitors incorporate the Low Blue Light Mode, which reduces the blue light of a wavelength of potentially harmful eye shortwave and the AOC technology flicker Free, which reduces flicker and avoids eye fatigue with current system instead of the PWM modulation.

Energy Star, EPEAT Gold and TCO Certified Displays 7 Certification, the software function E-Saver allows the screen to switch to a profile of low power when the user is not in front of the monitor, while the Eco mode adjusts the display settings different types of content to minimize energy consumption.

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By • 28 Jun, 2017
• Section: Thoroughly, Display