The automatic mixer SmartMixer ATDM-0604, the micro headset Pro9CW and tools to expand the capabilities of ATUC50, ATUC-50UI and ATLK-EXT165 system were some of the innovations presented during attendance at InfoComm 2017.

Audio-Technica Infocomm 2017

During the last edition InfoCommHeld in Las Vegas between 2 and 8 June, Audio-Technica introduced various new features such as automatic mixer SmartMixer ATDM-0604, the micro headset Pro9CW and tools to expand the capabilities of ATUC50 system, such as integration unit ATUC-50UI and expander ATLK-EXT165 coverage.

Audio-Technica ATDM-0604Thanks to its intuitive operation, echo cancellation and flexible remote web functionality, automatic mixer six ATDM-0604 channels is ideal for meetings, conferences, applications software codecs, court proceedings, broadcasting radio and TV, and other applications involving the use of multiple microphones or other media inputs.

Technology SmartMixer ATDM-0604 Audio-Technica allows automatic channel mix door mode (gate) or sharing gain mode to ensure a steady output audio quality without introducing acoustic feedback, excessive ambient noise or comb filter effect.

Este mezclador está equipado con cuatro entradas para micrófono balanceadas, dos entradas Micro/Línea balanceadas y una entrada estéreo no balanceada, además de dos entradas balanceadas y dos no balanceadas. También incluye puertos de red (Cat5e o superior) y USB, así como puertos de enlace de Audio-Technica A/B, que permiten a los usuarios conectar seis mezcladores ATDM-0604 a través de un cable Cat5e para uso simultáneo dentro de una configuración de mayor tamaño.

Audio-Technica ATDM-0604

Controls and lights on the front panel of the mixer allow users to easily adjust the levels of input / output and gain, configure and reuse presets, on / off Phantom Power filter Locut, automatic mixing and echo cancellation acoustic (AEC), changing (automatic or static) IP configuration, and more.

It has a complete set of processing functions of digital signal inputs and outputs, including an equalizer, a compressor, a limiter and feedback control.

Audio-Technica ATDM-0604

Control tools and monitoring are available locally on the front panel or via a remote web interface that allows users to manage the settings mentioned from a computer PC Windows, Mac, or iOS or Android device, in addition to other changes to the settings of input and output mode select gate (gate) or share gain when the Smart Mix function is used, and adjust other advanced settings.

Tools ATUC50
Audio-Technica ATLK-EXT165Among the solutions Audio-Technica has added to its catalog to expand the capabilities of ATUC50 system is the integration unit ATUC-50UI and expander ATLK-EXT165 coverage.

"Expanding the list of complementary products to ATUC-50 line offers an opportunity to expand the potential applications of the system. These products are the next logical step to offer a comprehensive solution, "said Mark Donovan, CTS-D, CTS-I, responsible for engineering applications for professional markets Audio-Technica.

Audio-Technica ATUC-50IUDesigned for rapid mounting and discreet under a table or elsewhere, the integration unit ATUC-50iu offers installers the flexibility to choose the appropriate inputs and outputs for a particular installation.

It is mounted discreetly and allows a fully integrated custom installation. It is equipped with two RJ45 ports for connection to other components conferencing systems seven Euroblock connectors for audio and control options and seven Euroblock connectors for power LED and input / output general purpose (GPIO).

Its function package includes a microphone input, speaker output, headphone output, control input (speaking, volume up and down, channel selection) Led status output and input / output general purpose (GPIO).

For its part, the coverage Expander ATLK-EXT165 (half-rack chassis) allows users to extend the cable length of the unit ATUC-50CU conference in a system. It is equipped with two RJ45 ports through which supplies power to +48 V CC connected devices (ATUC-50DU, ATUC-50INT, ATUC-50iu and other compatible products).

It can be configured to turn on / off automatically with a control unit connected or to operate locally, and turned on / off by pressing the mode switch.

The ATLK-EXT165 expander is supplying DC +48 V to connected devices, which lengthens the cable length. The unit has overload protection against power; short supply when the current flow exceeds 2.6

Microphones U841R and PRO9cW

Audio-Technica U841RThe omnidirectional condenser microphone U841R surface represents the newest addition to the line UniPoint Audio-Technica. This is an update of U841A A-T model it replaces.

While maintaining the feature set of its predecessor, the U841R has been enhanced with the addition of internal electronics that require no external power supply module. The micro has an output connector and includes a built TA3M TA3F XLRM cable 7.6 m. It provides a remarkably intelligible audio reproduction of a super-compact design and small size. Equipped with RFI protection technology UniGuard also has a collection angle of 360 ° and runs phantompowered.

Audio-Technica Pro9CWThe PRO9cW is a condenser microphone headset type, designed to be used with wireless systems Audio-Technica. It is designed for presenters and musicians who need freedom of movement in their hands.

The headband and the pole are adjustable and ensure optimum positioning for accurate sound capture. This model is also suitable for fitness instructors, because it is extremely light and sweat resistant. An integrated damper eliminates undesirable noise and vibrations, and including filter Windscreen minimize the effect of plosives and wind noise.

The PRO9cW is compatible with transmitters Unipak Audio-Technica equipped with connectors HRS: AT-One, 2000b series, System 10, System 10 Pro, series 3000B and AEW series.

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