The independent music festival held at the beginning of the month of August in Burriana (Castellón) concentrated to more than one hundred artists in different scenarios and 300,000 attendees who enjoyed the audio systems provided by this specialist .

Arenal Sound 2018 audiovisual Flüge

With claims of artists such as Bastille, Martin Garrix, Kase.O, Matoma and Raiden, among others, the recent conclusion of Arenal Sound has once again become a success, during the six days of music in the Castellón town of Burriana, for which his company has entrusted the provision of sound, lighting and video equipment in Flight Audiovisuales for the four scenarios.

In particular, the main stage, called Desperados, counted 140,000 watts and was formed by a PA system consisting of Das Audio, such as twenty-four Aero40 and eighteen UX-221A products. The frontfill and outfill twelve Aero20 were used for each, while the downfill featured six Convert15 from this manufacturer.

Arenal Sound 2018 audiovisual Flüge

In addition, for the delay were sixteen Aero40 and an equal number of Aero20, with FOH control performed with a Digico SD10 (for control of monitors) and with Avid Venue D-Show.

Supplied monitors be controlled Digico SD10. The lighting of this stage consisted of seventeen effects(1) VL3500 Wash, twenty Robe Pointe 300w Zoom, equal number of Robin BMFL sphere with battery Spot, fourteen Clay Paky A.Leda B-Eye K20 and twenty-two Martin Atomic 3000; all controlled with Grand Ma2 Full Size and Grand Ma2 Command Wing on PC.

The Desperados stage had also a Led screen, 12 × 6 meters to 6.25 mm. resolution, Barco Folsom Image Pro HD processor. In addition Martin Garrix requested an extra 32 Robe Pointe lighting 300w Zoom, eight Robin BMFL sphere with battery Spot, two Clay Paky A.Leda B-Eye K20 and twelve Martin Atomic 3000, as well as more video with the installation of four screens Led, 2 × 2 m cross , and a boat Folsom Image Pro HD processor.

Arenal Sound 2018 audiovisual Flüge

The PA system of the bold stage consisted of 110,000 watts. FOH control was carried out with a Digico SD10, with twelve monitors controlled by this console. Used for lighting eighteen effects(1) VL3000 Spot, twenty-two Martin Mac 2000 Wash, eight Mark Beam 201 and six Martin Atomic 3000, controlled with a Chamsys MagicQ MQ100.

For the Thunder Bitch Beach Club scene was deployed a PA system consisting of twelve FS30 and twenty-four Aero50 of Das Audio, among others, a total of 100,000 watts. Four Convert12 were used for the frontfill and the downfill four Convert 15 of this manufacturer, while the sidefill had four LX-218 and e equal number of Convert15, along with an Audio LX-218 and two Road12A for the drumfill.

Arenal Sound 2018 audiovisual Flüge

FOH control counted with an Avid Venue Venue D-Show. Twelve installed Das Audio Road12A monitors are controlled with two Digico SD8. The lighting of the Beach Club was composed of twelve Martin Mac2000 Profile, twelve Clay Paky Alpha Wash 575, 12 Coemar Infinity Wash XL and seven Martin Atomic 3000, which is controlled with a Chamsys MagicQ MQ80.

Finally, the scene Inside (Pool) told with 35,000 watts to the PA system, and a Yamaha MG16/6FX was used to control FOH.

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By • 24 Aug, 2017
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