This new range offers IPS image quality, multiconnectivity, productivity and ergonomics on a screen 32% bigger, with a more appropriate format for multitasking than traditional systems.


Ultrawide monitors from Lg respond to a recent study of technology and productivity, which has had the collaboration of the manufacturer, which reveals that a 92,6% of professionals who use multiscreen to perform their work declare that their productivity is higher the greater the possibility of working with several programs simultaneously.

For all these users, LG has developed this range of monitors, which is characterized by the format of 21:9; IPS image quality and a 32% more than field of view, for professionals to have a complete visual experience, to which is added its ease of use and ergonomics.

"Our efforts to respond to the ergonomic needs of advanced users have given rise to this range of monitors," emphasizes Miguel Ángel Fernández., General Manager of Marketing at LG-, that demonstrate our commitment to offering the most advanced imaging technology on the market".

LG ultrawideThe LG Ultrawide range has been designed with those users who are looking for a computer with a greater field of view and, especially, or whose activity requires multiscreen work (up to four screens in a single window) and multitasking.

specifically, it has been observed that these new monitors contribute to increase the productivity and efficiency of users thanks to their format 21:9, that extends a 32% plus the field of view with respect to the 16:9 of conventional monitors, and Screen Split Multiscreen mode.

In the area of connectivity, LG Ultrawide monitors incorporate Thunderbolt technologies to connect with any brand; and USB Type C, that facilitates connectivity at maximum speed, to which IPS technology is added, offering consistent colors with a viewing angle of 178º.

Within the range of LG Ultrawide monitors, the new curved models UC99-W, sizes of 34 and 38 Inch, they have FreeSync technology so that the user can enjoy the action without flickering.

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by • 20 Oct, 2017
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