The next edition of the event has new B-Tech innovation with its latest development for the growing market of Led screens and its wide range of media.

B-Tech BT9372

The thirteenth edition of IF -from 6 to 9 February 2018 in Amsterdam - will once again feature the participation of B-Tech AV Mounts (Hall 5 - stand R-50), presenting premiered its new mounting solution from screen and Led panels, together with their wide range of media available.

As noted from this company, they have observed the growing trend in adoption of screens and Led panels on the market, which is expected to keep this positive growth in 2018 as during their participation in previous editions of this event that the pixel pitch and its price continue shrinking.

B-Tech BT9371In this sense, B-Tech AV Mounts, recently chosen as manufacturer of the year, will have a multinational sales team to attend the event professionals and show them in detail a wide range of independent solutions, fixed, mobile and wall mount that can be specified easily online.

Compatible with the manufacturers of the market leading Led screens, the range of B-Tech in this sense is now available with its well known technology System X and, using the Configurator online from the manufacturer, you can also specify any requirement to size in just a few clicks.

"Our goal is to provide comfort and reliability to installers - says Mark Walker, Manager of business development for B-Tech-. We have worked closely with some of the leading manufacturers of Led panels to design a system that works perfectly with our current portfolio, allowing us to offer customized Led mounting solutions from stock, with all keys Assembly completed in our warehouse. This ensures fast response times and easy installation for customers, saving time in each stage of the project".

B-Tech BT8312B-Tech booth at the fair in Amsterdam has always impressed professionals with their practices extreme mounting large-scale demonstrations (additional information at) digital AV). ISE 2018, its recognized range System X again displayed his versatility in a wide range of applications, including rooms of totems, control, menu board and mounting.

For Nick Spencer, B-Tech marketing manager, "our clients are constantly surprised by what can be achieved with System X, and in the next edition we will show what is possible with our latest solutions for Assembly and a new dose of" creativity. Last year we gave the surprise with our input and totems of 4.5 m high arch, in ISE 2018 we will soar even more Ribbon".

B-Tech ISE2017In its space in the Ámsterdam RAI manufacturer will also show its ultrathin support BT8312 ultra thin, now available on request. After a successful prototype that was shown in the latest edition of the contest, this mount is designed to configure display facilities as fast and simple as possible, and to create limitless configurations of videowall in horizontal format and vertical.

The ultra-slim profile of the BT8312 makes it the ideal choice for mounting digital displays on walls with a narrow recess or when the space in front of the wall is minimal.

B-Tech BT9340Another addition to the proposal of B-Tech is the update of the Assembly of independent videowall, which offers a nice aesthetic screens, combined with the functionality and reliability of rail System X technology. Like most of the B-Tech portfolio, all components are available in stock for a fast order fulfillment.

The increase in the demand for mapping of design and installation for projectors to large scale also has a solution in B-Tech, with heavy duty BT893 projector mount. Designed taking into account the opinion and experience of the leading screening companies in the world, this stand enables total adjustment capability, but with a design which allows easy access and an essential cooling.

B-tech BT893 projector ceiling InfoComm MEA2017"There many challenges of installing AV systems that can not be overcome with B-Tech Solutions - says Mark Walker, and the ease of application has made that System X is a winner in our B-Tech portfolio. Our products work perfectly together, which means that the range System 2 post mounting solutions provide greater flexibility for installations of 'extreme measures', such as high ceilings and areas of difficult access."

In terms of its participation from virtually the origins of the contest, Walker is clear: "for B-Tech, as well as for the event itself, ISE has become bigger and better each year and again in 2018 we will be raising the standard with new and exciting additions to nu estra range. There is no better exposure to the audiovisual industry and, as always, we hope to find as many faces as possible during the four days of the fair."

A year full of innovation and exhibitions

B-Tech InfoComm MEA2017As already ahead digital AV, the company has had an intense and busy year participating in numerous events and competitions around the world, the last of them completed this month of December, with their participation in InfoComm MEA 2017that took place at the Dubai World Trade Center, and that it is the fourth time you is B-Tech.

B-Tech BT9340 Universal Direct View LED InfoComm MEA2017As in other issues and events in which it participates, stand B-Tech again surprised the audience and support that starred on this occasion was re-Assembly modular for BT8350 videowall, which uses the technology System X for installation even faster and more accurate. To this was added also mount projector of high resistance for large imaging projects.

B-tech BT8350 Modular Videowall InfoComm MEA2017To meet the growing demand for Led in the Middle East, also discussed for the first time the universal mount BT9340, available as a solution of autonomous, mobile, screw and mounted on the wall, which provides significant time savings in the installation and maximum flexibility.

B-Tech is reinforcing its presence in this region, explains Jon Alway, sales manager of MEA: "it is a pleasure to return once again to InfoComm MEA and exhibit with our office team of Dubai, which has established a truly local presence in Middle East" Media in recent years. "The recognition of the manufacturer of the year in the AV Awards it has strengthened our reputation around the world and we look forward to another year of growth and development in this region".

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