The manufacturer will perform demos custom during the competition to professionals seeking to know in detail these 4K projectors laser from 26,000 to 35,000 lumens for large spaces.

NEC Display PH2601QL y PH3501QL

Digital cinema-quality high brightness and native 4K resolution images (4.096 × 2.160 p) define the main features of the new projectors laser of NEC Display to provide the best experience for large theatrical release: PH2601QL, from 26,000 lumens, and PH3501QL, with 35,000 lumens, presenting the company with demos custom during their participation in ISE 2018, from 6 to 9 February in Amsterdam.

Richard McPherson, at NEC Display Solutions Product Manager, explains the benefits of these high brightness projectors "offering unsurpassed image details to design graphics, CAD and high quality thanks to its native resolution 4 K digital video. In addition, they provide maximum flexibility of installation for almost any environment, with vertical lens shift and multiple options of lens, with the last RB laser light source".

NEC Display PH2601QL y PH3501QL

In this sense, both projectors are suitable for auditoriums, theatres, Conference halls, museums, and other large spaces, since they can be stacked when required multiple teams and feature geometric correction and integrated combination of edges, to offer an image of high quality and stable, suitable brightness as an alternative to the video wall configurations with 50 to 500 inch screen sizes.

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By • 15 Jan, 2018
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