This panoramic ultra system provides surround visitors to the Mall, with multimedia content, sound and video 360 °, depending on the project carried out by audiovisual specialist Necsum.

Intu Asturias Unilumin Necsum

Located on the ground entertainment and dining mall Intu Asturias, the huge Led screen of Unilumi86 meters long and 1.25 high, surrounds all the dome enclosure thanks to its panoramic ultra circular configuration, which envelops the visitor in a multimedia and interactive visual environment of content and videos in 360º and integrated into the architecture of this com square commercial.

This unique visual system has been composed of necs, specialist in audiovisual and interactive projects, digital architecture and artistic lighting and digital content. With SMD Led technology and pixel pitch of 4, 8mm, this screen offers a resolution of 4.65 million pixels to play four trillion colors without distortion.

Intu Asturias Unilumin Necsum

It is the first screen sensory circular Led installed in Europe, since the previous features adds an automatic system for controlling the brightness, resulting in lower consumption and energy efficiency.

Furthermore, professional audio equipment, with a power exceeding the 8,000 watts, to offer a high quality sound and sharp, similar to the of a concert hall, for enjoyment and relaxation for visitors.

Intu Asturias Unilumin Necsum

Other possibilities is interaction with the users, since they can share their experience at the mall through an interactive photocam, allowing you to project your image; as well as taking part in activities and experiences which offers 'Nébula', to generate dynamic effects with particles of light of colors according to the movements of his body, among other forms of entertainment.

Also information of interest from the commercial centre and amenities for leisure and shopping, as well as thematic and tourist content of Asturias will be shown on the screen.

Intu Asturias Unilumin Necsum

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By • 19 Jan, 2018
• Section: Audio, Study cases, Digital signage, Display, illumination, dynamic Advertising