Teachers recognize that both the interactive whiteboard and large format touch screen provide four vital elements to education: interactivity, bi-directional collaboration, access to almost unlimited digital content and an approach to the digital universe.

Education PDI

The interactive whiteboard (PDI) is an ICT element which is more and more present in schools, as it is highlighted in the latest annual report 'The network society' by the National Observatory for telecommunication and society of the Information)Learn). 85% of formal education Spanish classrooms is equipped with at least one POI, percentage reaching 90% in primary and 78% in secondary.

Besides the facilities of the classroom, study ICT in teaching programming daily, and to 75% used shows that a very high percentage of Spanish teachers integrates at least once a week.

Legamaster ETX

For Stephen Bernard, responsible for the brand Legamaster in Spain: "the equipment of classrooms is already a mandatory tool in the classrooms of the 21st century. However, it remains to resolve methodological change to make the most of new technologies in schools. Teachers are becoming more aware of the benefits that bring ICTs to education and, today the majority recognizes that both the Interactive Digital whiteboard and large format touch screen have provided four vital elements: interactivity, bi-directional collaboration, access to almost unlimited digital content and an approach to the digital universe that students today live".

The study reveals that 83% of teachers believe students show higher interest and are more motivated when using ICT in class. The vision of the students is very similar. 93% believe that learning through new technologies is much more interesting and 72% considered that the acquisition of knowledge is more easy thanks to ICT.

In relation to the difficulty of use, almost in its entirety they ensure that their management is simple. More activities with the POI, include exercises and group work, explanations of the didactic units and the search for educational resources.

"These data show the change in attitude of teachers regarding the use of ICT in education. Although they are very positive figures, it is necessary that the education sector follow evolving at the pace which makes it the technology. From Legamaster we aim to go one step further and integrate multitouch interactive displays, which multiply the possibilities of learning over other technologies as the POIs that are becoming obsolete", explains Bernard.

The Legamaster ETX displays recognize the touch of multiple students working at the same time favouring the collaborative work and exercises in the Group on the screen. They also include Android 5.0 integrated system which enables operation without the need for a computer. Bernard says that its management "is even easier and more intuitive than previous technologies".

Obstacles to incorporate ICT in the classroom

Although the data are encouraging in terms of the evolution of ICT in the education sector, the report also notes what are the main obstacles faced by teachers when it comes to incorporate new technologies into classrooms.

More than 50% of faculty calls for further training in ICT since, although they are prepared in the matter that they will impart, only 15 percent guarantees that the fluency necessary for use in the classroom in front of students.

"Most of the teachers says need more training in ICT skills that allow them to be more effective in front of the students. It is essential to improve the General knowledge of computer science teachers from the University. If we want the integration of technology in the classroom to be a reality and, therefore, get an education in keeping with today's world and useful", concludes Bernard.

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By • 25 Jan, 2018
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