Demonstrations of interactive flat screen IL550, RP750K and RP860K, as well as for PL553 videowall solution and the interactive whiteboard Google Jamboard are underway at its stand. In screening the protagonists are the BlueCore models.

BenQ ISE 2018

BenQ go for the ninth consecutive year to IF 2018 to display their advanced screening and signaling solutions. Attendees can see the screen shows flat interactive LCD/LED IL550, as well as the PL553 model and the Google Jamboard interactive whiteboard. In the surroundings of the projection, the protagonist will be the BlueCore LU9915 system.

BenQ ISE 2018Based on the technology of infrared (IR), the IL series offers several points of contact, and more than 50,000 hours of useful life. It is equipped in addition with the software of management of contents based on the cloud X-Sign of BenQ, which helps create, set and display contents of digital signage using different templates. On the other hand, due to Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) several screens are controlled simultaneously through the LAN and coordinate the contents in the same LAN environment.

Intelligent digital Blackboard Google Jamboard is intended for applications both in the business and educational markets. A team that features a 55 inch screen with touch capability, offering UHD and 4K resolution. Jamboard aims to improve collaboration in business environments and classrooms in a fast, effective and productive way without requiring complicated configuration or training.

Visitors to the ISE can also enjoy the BenQ PL553, with one of the world finest bezels. This videowall solution has been optimized to provide the best image quality and possible easier content management. Resorting to the daisy chain, you can get a 4 K screen with a cleanliness 1.8 mm bezel and create an optimal viewing experience.

BenQ ISE 2018

In ISE 2018, BenQ is also conducting demonstrations of the BlueCore LU9915 laser projector, designed for applications intended for large spaces, since it offers a brightness of 10,000 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 100,000: 1 for an optimal display. Your engine laser BlueCore also supports 360 ° and installation in vertical orientation, as well as its continuous operation with a greatly improved durability.

The LU9915 is compatible with several lenses, which offers a wide range of installation possibilities able to captivate the public at museums, places of recreation and corporate spaces.

BenQ (5-U20) booth are also conducting demonstrations of interactive flat panel displays (IFK) 4K RP750K and RP860K; and light source projectors laser BlueCore LK970, LW890UST and LU950.

BenQ ISE 2018

The RP750K and RP860K are solutions 4K ideal for educational and business environments. They are equipped with plug and play instant, cross-platform compatibility, multi-touch interactivity of 20 points, Smart Eye-Care, and handwriting recognition.

With the exhibition of models LK970, LW890UST and LU950, BenQ wants to highlight 4K UHD authentic detail and sources of light maintenance-free power. These projectors are designed for use in the environment, retail, education, Enterprise and museums. They include horizontal and vertical displacement of the lens, great zoom and projection on 360 or vertical orientation.

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By • 9 Feb, 2018
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