In the Lucknow Metro Rail operations and Control Center, a video wall has been installed in 5 × 2, configured with screens Laser Delta Display, offering Full HD resolution, as well as management software Cube.

Delta Display in Corm

Delta Display It has provided laser videowall solution to the Control Centre and Lucknow Metro Rail Operations (Control Centre of Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation).

The Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation)CORM) is a Government project that is underway to strengthen the transport infrastructure of the city through a holistic system. Delta installed its latest and brightest solution in the market for this project.

The Corm is the high-speed project faster built in India. It is of a Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) built to provide the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, friendly to the environment, with two routes, from North to South and from East to West. The North-South corridor begins in Amausi and ends at Munshi Pulia, with a total length of 22.878 km. The East-West corridor begins in Charbagh railway station and ends at Vasant Kunj with a total length of 11 km. Both lines intersect in Charbagh.

The new control centre has been incorporated in the first videowall laser of the India and boasts a 5 × 2 configuration consisting of Video Wall Cubes of 70 inches. The Delta Laser videowall provide resolution Full HD (1.920 × 1.080) with a high uniformity of brightness (≥ 98%), wide viewing angle and redundancy to match it with the requirement of the Lucknow Metro real. In addition, a driver installed manage multiple inputs and the control software Cube provides accurate information about the State of the video wall at any point.

'(OCC) operations control center is responsible for managing the traffic of trains and control stations. The videowall displays the dynamic state of each train, route, and signal in real time and the status of the power supply in each section of the line. The faults in the supply, if any, are reflected on the screen immediately and Corm operators can act accordingly ", said an official of Corm.

Delta, with a solid base of global reference in the railway industry, recommended his latest and most innovative solution of screen for operations of monitoring at the OCC of Lucknow Metro. Faster construction metro project operations will be monitored 24 hours a day on the videowall from Delta to support train services and maintenance activities.

"Every day, the Lucknow Metro Operations Control Center operators shall ensure the safety of millions of passengers to constantly monitor the speed of the train, signs, activities of the station and power supply. With the help of Delta display solutions, we are confident that will enhance the safety of passengers and operators will respond promptly to emergencies", comment from the Corm.

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By • 20 Feb, 2018
• Section: Study cases, Control, Display