Among others, now assigned the same font to multiple entries with different views to change virtual camera, without the use of additional network bandwidth for each view.

NewTek ise2018

During his recent participation in ISE 2018 in Amsterdam, NewTek It has announced new features for NewTek Connect Spark converters and NDI PTZ camera, devices designed to deliver video to a computer or an IP network using NDI.

Connect Spark converts SDI or HDMI signals in NDI sources to share them via a standard Ethernet network either wired or wirelessly.

NewTek ise2018

Existing customers can take advantage of the new features through free of charge software updates.

For his part, NewTek NDI PTZ camera is the first PTZ device in the world to date to offer video, audio, tally, PTZ control and power over a single Ethernet cable.

Both devices will work with a wide range of existing software applications that support NDI, including: CombiTech VidBlaster Livestream Studio, OBS, Splitmedia Labs XSplit, Streamstar, StudioCoast vMix, Telestream Gameshow, Telestream Wirecast, NewTek TriCaster, etc.

In addition, NewTek Connect Spark also offers video for popular applications from desktop in this area, such as Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype business, WebEx, Zoom and others.

NewTek Virtual PTZ

Main news

Another new proposal provided by NewTek is that users can also now assigned the same font to multiple entries with different views, and thus change the virtual camera without the use of additional network bandwidth for each view. This functionality is operational with all NDI applications that support PTZ without any change.

NewTek NDI HXAs explained by Andrew Cross, President and CTO of NewTek, "always on NewTek software for the development of hardware-based approach has enabled workflows and flexible capabilities that change the game. While they are hardware, Spark and our camera PTZ devices, our philosophy remains the same, which means that an update of the firmware and drivers of these products offer significant improvements".

Current and new users of NewTek Connect Spark and NDI PTZ cameras can download the latest driver NDI | HX and the firmware update to take advantage of all the new features and improvements for both products.

NewTek ConnectSpark

Multicast mode

Other features of the systems is that they include multicast mode, which allows a source Connect Spark NDI to be viewed by many destinations without setting up multiple point-to-point connections, preserving the expensive bandwidth of the network.

Users can easily enable multicast mode through configuration Connect Spark website. Now it is also possible to find devices Connect Spark in other networks through an IP address and add them to the list of visible sources using NDI Access Manager, a free application available from NewTek.

NewTek ise2018In addition, Connect Spark now admits the possibility of including time code in the frames of video through LTC timecode connected to the audio input Connect Spark, with automatic detection of all settings.

In this way, any NDI-enabled application can access timecode information to allow the precise synchronization of multiple flows NDI.

Connect Spark is also a wireless video recorder, since it supports Micro SD card or recorded on any USB drive connected to one of the USB ports. This gives users the ability to record all their cameras for a later Edition or obtain backup copies.

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