The concerts have been used 24 Pointes, 24 Spiiders and 36 LEDWash 300s of Robe, teams that were located in five trusses behind the scenes and on the sides. They were also used to mount 4 × 1 m Led screens.

Rob children of the sea by David Bisbal on tour

"Children of the sea" is the name of the last concert tour of the almerian singer David Bisbal on that is promoting his album of the same name. This has already passed by Spain and Latin America, and will continue this year.

Ezequiel Gómez has been responsible for the design of the lighting infrastructure person and has chosen to Robe for the majority of the robotic, with luminaries Zpider, Pointe and 300 LEDWash being key in the rig.

Ezekiel has worked with this artist since 2009. The design stage and the stage for this tour was a true collaboration between the artist himself, Brian Sellei of Less than zero, Universal Music, Experience (specialists in Led in Barcelona) and the collective of performing arts SomosLuz, which features Ezekiel as a member.

Rob children of the sea by David Bisbal on tour

Experience presented the initial idea from which evolved the look of the scaffold. From this emerged the idea of having 'cabinets' Led partially closed to the risers of the band. Ezekiel and his team of SomosLuz could adapt it to convert it into a concept adapted to a tour. The Department of SomosLuz, directed by Lucas Averbuj, video was the video with direct input from David Bisbal.

The 24 Pointes, 24 Spiiders and 36 LEDWash 300s were located in five trusses behind the scenes and on the sides, which were also used to mount a series of video Led screens measuring four meters wide and one high.

The LX 1 truss was in the proscenium and LX 5 was in the back of the stage, and in this were mounted 12 Zpider luminaries. The LX 4 featured 12 Pointes and LX 2, as well as the LX 3. they were loaded with 6 Pointes and 6 Spiiders alternating. All LEDWash 300s were mounted in the side trusses. The LEDWash used 300s to illuminate the band from that specific angle, applying color and density to the width of the scaffold.

Rob children of the sea by David Bisbal on tour

Given that they offer a wide range of effects, and were used luminaires Pointe in mode beam spot for many of these.

The Zpider were used to bathe the stage with uniform bright colors and provide backlighting, powerful and warm. They took advantage of control function by area and also the effect of central flower as a scenic element to change the nature and perception of the interpretive space.

Specified the luminaires Zpider because "like the quality of light and the effects that can be achieved especially from the hexagonal shape of the Center Led and the fact that can be used as scenic effect", says Ezekiel, who has used the idea of the f Hex ORMA in several recent designs.

Rob children of the sea by David Bisbal on tour

The overall visual design for the tour was based on these three distinctive elements, and there also found his balance... the fringes of screens for video, the lighting and the risers illuminated with Led.
These were combined to create a consistent visual harmony. "There was a retro of the Decade of 1980 in this aesthetic. With our designs it is not simply to use effects and achieve factors Guau.Se tries to bring drama and excitement to the stage and to share and communicate with the public", explains Ezekiel.

Lighting equipment for part of the tour in Spain was provided by flight, which have acquired all its luminaries Robe Spanish distributor EES and the Chief of staff of lighting was José Miguel Velázquez.

Iván Gárcia Fernández directed IMAG video cameras, Antonio Allué was the stage director, Aitor Sánchez Crespo organized tour and Ricardo Yago Lopez was director of production for the tour.

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By • 23 Feb, 2018
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