With up to ten simultaneous touches and up to 86 ", Touch Screen is the new generation of interactive digital whiteboards of multiClass for classrooms and meeting rooms.

Multiclass touch screen

Touch Screen is the new range of touch screens in large format and interactive digital whiteboards developed by multiClass "emerging equip with multitouch to high definition Led screens touch technology", as designated from this company.

This new generation of multitouch systems occurs in 55-inch Full HD resolution formats; and in 4K UHD for sizes of 65, 75 and 86 inches, with panels with touch technology infrared ten touch simultaneously, particularly suitable for classrooms, training, meeting and conference rooms.

Touch Screen screens integrated operating system Android, OPS with PC and Windows Optional, as well as screen wireless transmission system, so that teachers and students can collaborate in the classroom, and included wall bracket.

Multiclass touch screen

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By • 28 Feb, 2018
• Section: Thoroughly, Display, Training