Touch screens, interactive digital whiteboards and solutions for the educational environment specialist has presented its new imaging systems of large format for meetings and corporate Conference, with up to ten simultaneous touches fostering collaboration.

Multiclass touch screen

Designed for use in meeting rooms of small, medium and large companies, the Led Touch Screen range of multiClass integrate interactive multi-touch technology (up to ten simultaneous touches) adapted to built-in Android operating system, high-definition Led screens, as well as with and without PC (Windows).

With sizes from 55 inches (model MCSC5510P02 with Full HD resolution); and three systems with resolution UHD 4 sizes of 65 K (model MCSC6510P02); 75 (MCSC7510P02) and 86 inches (MCSC8610P02), all screens offer wireless transmission of display (from any mobile device) and integrated speakers 10 W.

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By • 26 Sep, 2017
• Section: Thoroughly, Display