Version 1.1 of Vision Exchange, Sony has just introduced, provides native integration with Skype for Business includes the staff Note Taker app, which allows you to take notes intelligently.

Sony Vision 1.1 Exchange

Sony has announced the release of version 1.1 of Vision Exchange, your solution for interactive collaboration and active learning logo, which incorporates new features integration with Skype for Business, to enjoy a global learning, and application Personal Note Taker, which promotes lqa interactive training and lets students take notes intelligently.

Sony Vision 1.1 ExchangeIn June 2018, view Exchange is updated to version 1.1 to implement these improvements in workflow and promoting interactive teaching style Conference sessions. Vision Exchange upgrades are intended to eliminate logistical distance learning problems, so that you can enjoy full integration which allow participants to focus on the capabilities class of improved collaboration and communication.

The update applies to the two main units of series: the models PEQ-C100 and PEQ-C130, as well as to the Group PES-C10 PC software.

This Vision Exchange update will remain compatible with all professional monitors interactive Sony Bravia, so that clients can create the next generation of Visual solutions for educational environments.

Sony Vision 1.1 Exchange

Skype for Business and Personal Note Taker

Skype for Business is one of the most popular educational and business environments remote communication tools and integrated natively in Vision Exchange.

In this way, users can share content with multiple users of a working group, regardless of their geographical location. They can also share content wirelessly from a wide variety of devices.

On the other hand, interactive Vision Exchange duplicate function allows users to connect and share any source in the classroom.

The new Personal Note Taker app offers students the possibility to quote, capture, write and save the contents of the screen with their own devices, so that they can refer to it later. No longer need to take pictures with their devices to capture the information and use it more later, since they may do so with the new staff Note Taker app.

New features:

Sony Vision 1.1 Exchange

  • Added an HDMI input to the Group PES-C10 PC software, as well as the possibility of using the HDMI AverMedia DarkCrystal CD750 capture device.
  • Screen BYOD duplicate is available on all major operating system platforms. Sony QoS mechanism improves the stability of the connection during the duplicate.
  • Support for multiple languages (German, French and Spanish as well as Japanese, Chinese and English).
  • Compatibility with the option of streaming software for PC group PSE-C10.
  • The content in the main screen area can be spread to make it possible to record, capture or distribute live classes with the optional license PEQA-C30.

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By • 16 Mar, 2018
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