This service conceived to optimize the experience of passengers, which has developed along with Harman, premieres in its new boat MSC Bellissima logo which will be baptized next year.

MS cruise MSC Bellissima

MSC Cruises He has developed, in partnership with Harman International, a subsidiary controlled by Samsung Electronics, a new service for passengers. It's a personal digital assistant for cruises that presents itself as a new feature of MSC for Me, Enterprise multi-channel digital innovation program.

This service will debut on his ship MSC Bellissima logo, which is currently under construction at the shipyard STX France in Saint-Nazaire (France) and will be baptized in the port of Southampton (United Kingdom) March 2, 2019. It will later be available in all new vessels in the future and is planned to incorporate the rest of the fleet.

MS personal assistant cruises MSC Bellissima"Thanks to our experience in the sector, the ability of our partners in the shipyards and cruises to our exclusive partnerships with leading world experts in digital technology, such as Samsung and now Harman, we can introduce revolutionary technologies that offer our passengers a connected experience that enhances every aspect of your cruise", explains Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises.

The virtual personal assistant for the MSC cruise passengers is a tool of conversation enabled voice that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to communicate, learn and predict intelligently the needs of passengers, as well as for suggest interesting recommendations.

This feature will offer passengers personalized information to help simplify and enhance your holiday, since it will answer your questions quickly and easily from your own cabin. It will be designed around a boat-based solution, specially tailored to the needs of the MSC cruise passengers and will be available in seven languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese and mandarin.

MS cruise MSC Bellissima

"Digital assistants and speech recognition technologies are transforming the way we communicate and do our job today. With this tool, MSC Cruises will transform completely the experience on board their passenger. Imagine instant and personalised information as for example the events that are held on cruise ships, entertainment options, travel updates, or simply play your favorite music with a simple voice command", says Sanjay Dhawan, President of Harman Connected Services and CTO Harman.

MSC Bellissima will sail in their inaugural season in the popular area of the Western Mediterranean, while in winter it moved to the United Arab Emirates making stopover in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas, Muscat and Khasab.

MS cruise MSC Bellissima

Innovative technologies

MSC Bellissima is being built with the most innovative technologies to compete with its twin ship, MSC Meraviglia. Among these, the MSC experience is for Me, an advanced technology that the passenger can be used on board to connect with other members of their group, the staff and the ship itself.

On the other hand, you will feature a walk of two covered, with shops, restaurants and cafes, whose roof will incorporate a large Led display 480 square meters which will transmit outputs and sunsets, events and allow you to enjoy starry nights.

The space dedicated to the pool (Atmosphere pool) will have a great lighting and a screen built giant with an innovative design.

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