El gran protagonista de este evento fue la presentación de los procesadores de octava generación Intel Core, cuya potencia y rendimiento supondrán un gran avance para disfrutar de las experiencias inmersivas.

Intel Showroom 2017 - Carlos Clerencia

Fiel a su cita, y como ha venido haciendo desde hace más de una década por estas fechas, Intel ha celebrado su ‘Showroom de Navidad’, un evento en el que adelanta las novedades que podrán verse en el mercado a finales de año.

En esta ocasión el gran protagonista ha sido la presentación de la octava generación del procesador Intel Core, que ya está disponible para portátiles (serie U) y que se ampliará a los de sobremesa (serie S) este otoño.

Asimismo, en este evento también han tenido un gran protagonismo las grandes apuestas de la compañía por el mundo de la Inteligencia Artificial y la realidad virtual, así como la conducción automática y la tecnología 5G.

Intel Showroom 2017

"Artificial Intelligence will transform all sectors health, retail, finance, Government... to becoming the mantra of the industry. Intel have made strategic investments to innovate in our portfolio of solutions, the most important being that of Nervana. And the network will be an increasingly more important element to support the data traffic,"explains Carlos Clerencia, managing director in Spain and Portugal.

5g is the trend where the market is headed and Intel is betting on it, not only by what affects and will result in the development of Artificial Intelligence but also for its significance in the automatic driving and the virtual reality environment.

Intel Showroom 2017

"The immersive experiences will require more bandwidth and the trend is to go towards ultra low latency. Intel is power the 5 G in all end-to-end, from the cloud to the devices", says Clerencia.

In the virtual reality environment, Intel is working on the side of computing with increasingly powerful processors, as the newly presented eighth generation, on platforms that improve the user experience, with improved graphics that allow one Vision 3D and depth of 180 degrees.

The eighth generation of Intel processors offer performance optimized from design to manufacturing incorporating smaller transistors, better performance and optimization in response time as well as a greater autonomy.

In addition, explains Simon Viñals, Chief Technology Officer of the company, "it is the first time introduced the four cores in portable systems ultra fine". In his presentation, he also said as these processors can enjoy quality 4 K UHD immersion technologies.

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By • 15 Sep, 2017
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