The AirMedia AM-300 allows secure wired and wireless presentation in classrooms, hallways and open spaces, and integrates with calendar platforms. This team features DM input, input and output HDMI, and a LAN port for feeding.

Crestron AirMedia AM-300

Crestron It will begin marketing its new wireless presentation system AM-300 this month in EMEA. A system of AirMedia 2.0 technology that incorporates input DM, input and HDMI output, a LAN port for feeding, as well as communications and full control over the screen.

"AirMedia has set the standard of wireless presentation and improved it with AirMedia 2.0. It is the only solution for optimized wireless presentation safety based on the cloud, as well as reflection of iOS without using Bonjour network, deployment and management, offering", explains Fred Bargetzi, CTO of Crestron.

Crestron AirMedia AM-300While other products offer only a wireless access point and cause sensitive content is exposed to possible security breaches, AirMedia 2.0 is a technology of wireless presentation, through the network, which takes advantage of the latest security protocols: 802.1 x network access control; by Active Directory user authentication; content AES-128 encryption; SSH, SSL, TLS and HTTPS.

AirMedia 2.0 is a device that can be deployed, configured, and managed from the cloud. Using Crestron XiO Cloud or the integrated web tool, the mobile application can be deployed silently on laptops and smart devices across the enterprise, in addition to the rights of access of users to manage remotely.

Wireless presentation AirMedia 2.0 technology delivers the lowest latency for optimum efficiency of the network and the low consumption of bandwidth. It allows a perfect follow-up of the keyboard and mouse movements; clear super video playback; screen with instructions for connectivity; availability of room and details of the meeting to connect to a calendar platform; reflection with Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS without using Bonjour; deployment and management from the cloud, and optimized network security.

AirMedia 2.0 is integrated into the new presentation AirMedia AM-300 and AM-200 systems, systems of presentation 4K all in one DigitalMedia and open unified communications solution Crestron Mercury.

Crestron AirMedia AM-300

The AM-300 allows secure wired and wireless presentation in classrooms, hallways and open spaces, and integrates with calendar platforms. It is easy to deploy and manage, increases the flow of work and facilitates collaboration turning spaces underused in productive meeting spaces. In addition, it supports different platforms and services that employees and guests have on their personal devices.

AM-300 device is mounted invisibly behind a screen and has wireless presentation capability built-in 2.0 AirMedia, DM and HDMI inputs, HDMI output to the screen (HD or UHD) and power on/off display control Automatic through CEC, series or go. To connect any source, that entry is automatically selected and the source on the screen image is displayed instantly. No programming, or required dongles to connect, as well as not accurate remote control or batteries to replace.

When there is a source of connected presentation, AM-300 displays a welcome screen customizable with simple instructions to connect and present. Integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Suite or Crestron Fusion G calendar allows the availability of space and details about the scheduled meeting is displayed.

As the meeting progresses, appear periodic notifications to indicate how much time is left at the meeting and what is scheduled for the next space. Pop-up messages, sent by Crestron Fusion, may appear prominently on the screen in the case of an emergency or other important announcement.

AirMedia family:

  • Gateway for wireless presentations AM-101.
  • AirMedia AM-200 and AM-300 presentation system.
  • Filing system DigitalMedia DMPS3 - 4 K-250-C and DMPS3 - 4 K-350-C.
  • Crestron Mercury.

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