The monitor audio manufacturer has prepared a series of events, contests and films dedicated to remember and show their achievements in these forty years.

Genelec Boiler Room audio-technica iberiaAmong other initiatives that Boiler Room Y Genelec they have launched to commemorate the anniversary of the Finnish label highlights the Science of Sound, a series of shorts of 16 mm that will explore essential production techniques and come new musical themes of Senni, Barbieri and Not Waving.

Inspired by the experimental animations and cult film, "each piece is a disturbing reinvention of the archetypal production tutorials," designated from the manufacturer. The Science of Sound series is complemented by Monitoring 101, a visual guide to Studio monitors created Genelec audio engineering equipment, brand that sells in the Spanish market Audio-Technica Iberia.

June 7, Boiler Room and Genelec will present an event broadcast live on the Helsinki completo Aaniwalli; a celebration of the new generation of advanced thought of Electronica, including Trance Lorenzo Senni icon; the Lady of the modular synthesizer Caterini Barbieri; the emerging British Star Rian Treanor; the iconoclast of Peder Mannerfelt, and Not Waving of Diagonal audio.

Genelec The ones 8331 and 8341In addition, to celebrate the 40 anniversary of Genelec, also is has launched a competition open to the applicants to producers worldwide. The winner will be available the stage during the event in Helsinki and a couple of exclusive monitors Genelec 8331, while the five finalists will get a pair of this manufacturer model 8020D monitors.

The collaboration between the two companies about this commemoration will end with a personalized edition of monitors 8020D Genelec and Boiler Room, which will be publicly available only in limited quantities next summer summer.

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By • 3 May, 2018
• Section: Audio, Events