FlexScan EV3285 is the new model in this series from Eizo, which in addition to a new design without frame and USB connectivity type C, provides more work space for running multiple applications.

Eizo FlexScan_EV3285

A 4K LCD screen (3.840 × 2.160 p), 31.5 ", a new design without frame and USB connectivity type C, monitor FlexScan EV3285 is now the flagship of this range of Eizosuccessor of the EV3237 model, especially suitable for use in business environment, such as operations and control rooms, offices, etc.

In addition to greater work space for running multiple applications, monitor EV3285 has 140 DPI, so you can display images and text with excellent sharpness and clarity, with a viewing undistracted. The housing is available in black or white, wired game, to adapt to the aesthetics of any office.

Monitor, available the Iberian market starting from the month of October 2018, has an ergonomic support and space-saving, with adjustment of height of 195 mm and 344 ° turn. It is also delivered with a cover for cables, as well as a conduit for storage behind the monitor. Also available an optional support (PCSK-03) to connect a thin client or mini PC to its rear, without affecting stability or motion.

In terms of connectivity is concerned, the monitor has two inputs a DisplayPort, HDMI and a USB type C to ensure connectivity to any PC. In addition, multiple inputs can be simultaneously on the screen with the picture-by-picture functions, which can be divided into two or four sections, each a showing a signal input or application separately; as well as in picture-in-picture, to see a sign for additional input in one corner of the screen, on the main image.

With the USB input type C, a single cable of this type can transmit signals of video, audio and USB, with a super fast data transfer of up to 5 Gbps speed. In addition, FlexScan EV3285 can supply up to 60 watts of power for recharging laptops and other devices via a USB cable type C, eliminating the need for separate power cords.

FlexScan EV3285 is also compatible with the Screen InStyle software, patented by Eizo, which allows users to assign a particular display mode to the applications, as well as adjust brightness and power settings of a monitor or several in one multi-monitor Setup. An additional feature allows the switching of the inputs of the monitor using shortcut keys defined by the user instead of the keypad on the front of the team.

Application server Screen InStyle gives the administrator control over the configuration of all the FlexScan EV3285 units in an installation from a central location; function is especially useful for companies that require that all units are adjusted properly and that energy-saving settings is selected.

Additional features of this monitor are two lower USB ports (plus one USB type C) and a jack for headphones; electrostatic switches on the front for easy control of the configuration; display flicker at all levels of brightness; sRGB, film, paper, Dicom simulation and two user-adjustable preset modes.

To this are added 32 watts of consumption during typical use and 0.5 watts or less of power consumed when the main power switch is turned off; Energy Star 7 certification and TCO Certified Displays 7 compliance, as well as warranty of five years and six months by bright pixels from the date of purchase.

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By • 14 Jun, 2018
• Section: Thoroughly, Display