The model ColorEdge CG279X, now available in Spain and Portugal, incorporates calibration hardware, HDR support, in addition to the new version of the color of manufacturer management software.

Eizo ColorEdge CG279X Aryan

Successor model CG277 with some improvements aimed at the video editing, the new monitor Color Edge CG279X of 27″ and 2.560 × 1.440 pixels resolution, together with the new version of the management software of ColorNavigator 7 color, only for this range, are already available on the market in Spain and Portugal, as it has announced Eizo Iberia.

Eizo ColorEdge CG279X offers on its panel of 27 "maximum brightness of 350 nits, with speed 60 Hz refresh and a response time of 13 ms, with 98% of the DCI-P3 color space and 100% of Adobe RGB.

This monitor is compatible with the standard HDR (high dynamic range) and curve because for viewing and editing of content on video HDR. The optimized gamma curves make the images look more faithful to how the human eye perceives the real world, compared to the SDR (standard dynamic range).

La gama de colores del monitor ColorEdge CG279X reproduce el 98% del espacio de color DCI-P3 utilizado en la industria de medios de comunicación y entretenimiento. Según el estándar DCI, ofrece una alta relación de contraste (1300:1) para producir negros reales que de otro modo son difíciles de visualizar en un monitor LCD estándar. Además, incorpora una película de retardo que permite que los tonos retengan su profundidad incluso cuando se ven desde un ángulo.

ColorEdge CG279X and colornavigator 7 aryan

CG279X model is the first of the ColorEdge series which is equipped with connectivity USB type C, which allows you to transmit video signals and data with a single cable. To this add DVI-D, HDMI, and DisplayPort inputs. Also incorporates an improved calibration sensor so that the user can continue working even during the re-calibration of the monitor.

In particular, this sensor turns on the screen at the time set by the user and takes up minimal space so that the work does not suffer interruptions, as well as not necessary to a third calibration device and ensure that the screen maintains the accuracy in the colors.

On the other hand, with new Eizo ColorNavigator 7 color management software users can calibrate all color modes simultaneously; set up regular recalibration intervals and maintain quality control in multi-monitor environments, all with a single software application.

The color and brightness of an LCD monitor can be changed due to changes in ambient temperature and the monitor, so it has a temperature sensor that measures these parameters to adjust the equipment in real time, so gradations color, brightness, and other features to continue showing with precision.

Eizo, mark that the wholesale markets Aryan in the Iberian market, use artificial intelligence in the algorithm for the estimation of ColorEdge CG279X so you can distinguish between various patterns of temperature change and calculate an even more precise correction.

The patented technology of this manufacturer (DUE) digital uniformity Equalizer also counteracts the influences that a fluctuating temperature can have the color and brightness, and thus maintain a stable image in full screen.

Some of the novelties is that the lower bezel of the monitor is approximately a 46% thinner than its predecessor and its depth has been reduced about 20%. Its carrying handle makes its portability, and support has a quick release button that allows easy deployment of one touch monitor, it added five years of full manufacturer's warranty.

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By • 13 Feb, 2019
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