The new study, put into operation by metric, allows you to create songs and three-dimensional live music sessions, as well as produce and distribute music and contained audio immersive headphone via mobile devices.

Sfear immersive 3D audio professional Studio

Metric Y Eurecat they have announced in Sonar+D This month of June, the first professional Studio with immersive 3D audio technology, the opening of SFEARdeveloped by the technology centre, with capacity to produce, record and mix with sound in three dimensions and binaural, two concepts that will set the new standard in audiovisual productions.

During Sonar+D, metric and Eurecat team have released the new study of 3D sound, which has been designed to be"a laboratory for research and development of tools that put to music and sound level immersive that has reached the audio in l film industry", explains the director of audiovisual technologies of Eurecat and head of Sfear, Adan Garriga.

The study will offer "a sensory experience based on a new fully surround audio for music industry", with a horizon that is expected "rapid development in new platforms, such as virtual reality and augmented reality and the" video game industry", States Shams Faure, head of operations for metric.

The new study "will produce music that will be heard with augmented reality helmets and allow to expand the boundaries of live presentations, making it possible that the public will be immersed in the art of the musician", continues.

According to Faure, "3D music live offers musicians more tools to capture your art", unlike "the limitations of the two dimensions that offer traditional stereo formats or 5.1. Sound 3D will be the new pattern in the field of audio, as it was the emergence of the stereo sound in the 1950s and the transition from stereo to 5.1 system in the 1980's."

The new 3D environment allows you to create shows, as The Zero-Gravity Band, an experience that can be seen during Sonar+D and, through artistic creation, inducing the public to feelings of zero gravity, similar to those that are outside of the Earth.

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By • 15 Jun, 2018
• Section: Audio, Events, Augmented reality, Simulation