Driven Antenna International, the experience has consisted of an audio guide, consisting of six pieces of music in 3D audio, which has offered to all visitors of the Joan Miró Foundation, and that is evoked the inspiration of the artist with soundscapes in the form of a piece of music.

Fundación Joan Miro (photo: Pere Pratdesaba)

A thousand people have been able to enjoy an innovative cultural experience in the Joan Miró Foundation Barcelona, through six musical pieces immersive 3D audio.

The 3D audio tools have been developed by the Technology Center Eurecat, in the framework of the project Bincialong with artists of international renown, and they allow to demonstrate the potential of the binaural music in cultural spaces.

The experience, which has been driven by the company's cultural outreach antenna InternationalIt has consisted of a free audioguide consisting of six pieces of music in 3D audio that has been offered to all visitors of the Joan Miró Foundation, between the months of May and June, and that is evoked the inspiration of the artist with soundscapes in the form of foot musical.

Thanks to the technology and the tools developed within the project Binci, this audio guide allows you to experience the audio in three dimensions through headphones, offering the user a feeling of immersion, replicating the way in which the human We perceive the sound emanating from the environment.

According to the study of the perception of the participants, 79% felt that the audioguide had become the visit to the Museum experience, 64.3% said that the music had made him interact more time with works and 78.6% stated that they would like to listen more audio guides with 3D sound. Altogether, visitors surveyed coincided in describing the experience as "inspirational, emotional and fun".

According to concludes the Director of creative strategy of Antenna International EMEA, Eva Wesemann, "3D audio improve the experience of visitors to museums and cultural spaces, where the space environment plays a very important role".

According to the director of Multimedia technologies from Eurecat, Adan Garriga, unit these results show "the great potential which has the 3D audio in cultural sites, where you can offer an immersive experience and much more complete".

The project, funded by the European Union within the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme, offers an integrated software and hardware solution to facilitate the production, post-production and distribution of binaural audio or audio 3D content to enable designers sound, producers and artists to create content in three-dimensional sound for the music industry, virtual reality and cinema.

Apart from the proposal in the Fundació Joan Miró, Binci has also been tested in the past two months in the Alte Pinakothek in Munich (Germany) Museum, in the form of a family audio guide, and the castle in the Scottish town of St Andrews, where has been used for a former multi-sensory experience for the general public.

Companies have participated in the project, led from Barcelona by Eurecat, 3D Sound Labs, Voodoopop Y Head AcousticsApart from Antenna International, responsible for the creation of the Binci immersive experiences.

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By • 10 Sep, 2018
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