Two-way S360 monitor and subwoofer Genelec 7382 offer a solution of high SPL for any professional application requiring high sound power.

S360 and 7382 GLM Genelec audio-technica iberia

Two new products SAM high sound pressure level of Genelec: two-way S360 monitor, and the subwoofer 7382, are ideal for any professional application requiring high sound power or greater distances from listening; from large systems immersive in post-production studios or rooms of mixing for cinema, monitoring for music production or reproduction of electronic music.

Housed in a compact enclosure, with a wood finish and molded to minimize staining generated by diffraction that tend to produce the wooden enclosures, the S360 monitor presents a woofer improved 10 "of high efficiency and minimal distortion, based on the Master of Genelec and one extended and integrated series guide waves for control of directivity (DCW), which supports a compression tweeter with 1.7 "Titanium diaphragm.

Genelec S360 audio-technica iberiaThe result combines the neutrality that Genelec is known, with a 118 dB SPL capability, with even higher peaks, and a capacity of long reach that it can provide quality and accuracy of reference to distances up to 10 meters.

The S360 monitor Genelec, brand that sells in Spain Audio-Technica Iberiaoffers the benefits and performance of a monitor far-field with a condensed form factor, including excellent characteristics in the shaft and dispersion without colouring to 95 ° (horizontal) and 75 ° (vertical).

The enclosure of the S360 model offers versatility for fitting inside the wall and over it, while the port reflex laminar integrated, flowing down (LIP), ensures an output bass tight and free of noise, which makes it also perfect for perforated screens.

Alternatively, when used on a support, Iso - Plate system undocked without problems the monitor from its base, focusing on the low-frequency output while it prevents the transmission of vibration and air turbulence. Additional flexibility comes thanks to the electronics of the system, which can be integrated within the enclosure or located remotely.

Knowing that good content production depends on the correct positioning of monitors, the alignment of levels, from the times of arrival and room compensation, the S360 model offers a full integration with Genelec GLM software, facilitating the Setup, calibration and control monitors more than forty channels without the need for external processing.

Genelec 7382 audio-technica iberiaAccompanying ideal, both S360 and other large-format Genelec monitors, is the subwoofer 7382, so far the most powerful of the manufacturer, which provides an accurate and powerful expansion in low-frequency up to 15 Hz.

This system 7382 hosts three woofers of 15 ", designed to measure, and each benefits from the environment free of vibration of reinforced port conglomerate enclosure bass reflexlaminar extended along all the back to ensure low distortion and compression-free performance, even when delivery outputs exceeding the 130 dB SPL.

Profiling under the integrated processing, 7382 model also works with GLM software for the management of the control of severe, solves problems of location of the subwoofer in unpredictable halls or even allows to build several systems of Genelec.

"With the launch of S360 and 7382 we now have a full range of monitors and subwoofers for all sizes of rooms, possible SPL requirements and different listening distances"says the director general of Genelec, Siamäk Naghian.

As well as its compatibility with all types of musical applications of high sound pressure level, Naghian emphasizes that these models "found its place in immersive audio systems, where the listener, by definition, need to find himself immersed in the" experience, aware of every detail. The same precision is at the heart of each monitor Genelec, and why we believe in the growth of these new multichannel formats, and so we have produced S360 and 7382 ".

The arrival of S360 and 7382 coincides with the publication of a new set of educational tools - called Immersive audio solutions-seeking to help professionals better understand and make use of the immersive, available for download in this audio link.

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By • 20 Aug, 2018
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