The LightPoints system having Led Ideas available on the Spanish market operates with a laminated glass and invisible electrical connection to apply Led technology on facades of hotels, shops, buildings...

Led lightpoints in motion ideas

Innovation in applications, decorative and architectural, energy saving between 50 / 70% compared to the conventional light bulbs), and durability around 100,000 hours of power 24/7 (about 11 years) are some of the advantages Led technology and the enterprise Led Ideas He has replicated its product LightPoints.

In particular, this system provides Led lighting integrated in laminated glass, with invisible electrical connection that already use major retail and hotel chains around the world and who Led Ideas is now available in Spain.

Led lightpoints in motion ideasThe company also has the LightPoints product in Motion (additional information at) digital AV), which used the Interior or exterior walls as multimedia screens with endless creative possibilities, a wall glass becoming a soporteinteligente for multimedia projection of great quality and visibility to show any message or brand in a spectacular way.

LightPoints in Motion integra vídeos a todo color (con pixel pitch online slots for real money de 1,6mm, sistema de muro cortina) mientras mantiene una transparencia del 99,7% del vidrio, para crear pantallas digitales de pequeño tamaño o de cientos de metros cuadrados, “ya sea para exhibir obras de arte, promover una marca o producto, interactuar con el público o integrarse en la infraestructura de las nuevas smart cities”, señalan desde Led Ideas.

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By • 28 Aug, 2018
• Section: Thoroughly, Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising