It is a modular system of steel, with one side with glass LightPoints and characteristics of Led display making it in a transparent digital canvas to show contents.

Led Crystal Led-tainer Ideas

As defined in Led Ideas new development Crystal Led-tainer, "the only limit is your own imagination and creativity," since it offers to companies and brands, organizers of events, promoters, etc. communicate and interact with their audiences in a way that is new and different, as one an alternative to temporary or fixed structures.

In technical terms, Crystal Led-tainer is a system of modular construction with one of its sides with a glass LightPoints, which incorporates the characteristics of an Led display to be used as a transparent and interactive digital canvas (with the) 99.7%) with the multimedia content that you want to show.

Crystal Led-tainer presents itself as an attractive and differential system that can be used for hospitality environments, product presentation or exhibition spaces interactive, as a study of news or entertainment, among others possibilities. This modular construction system enabled multimedia media can adapt to almost any situation of temporary construction indoors or outdoors.

Led Ideas offers both standard configurations and with Crystal Led-tainer bespoke design service, adapted to the specific needs of each project, since it covers both functional needs such as decorative for furniture applications , poles of signage, kiosks, etc. to create a different image.

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By • 26 Feb, 2018
• Section: Display, dynamic Advertising