This low-profile and 5,000 lumens installation projector allows installation in vertical and horizontal. The features that incorporates among its resolution WUXGA, 360 °, four corners and connectivity HDBaseT adjustment operation.

Optoma ZU500TST

Optoma the model ZU500TST has added to its range of projectors laser DuraCore. A WUXGA computer intended for the market of professional installation offering a 5,000 lumens brightness and a shot short 0. 79:1 ratio.

Advanced optical components, a lightweight chassis and resistant to dust, certified IP5X, optical engine are some of the features of this versatile projector DLP, designed for continuous operation and maintenance-free, 24 hours a day.

Optoma ZU500TSTHdBaseT connectivity adds flexibility by allowing send and easily display files of audio and video with a single cable. In addition, it provides a useful life of 20,000 hours of laser light, maintenance-free.

"This laser projector from Optoma short shot presents itself as an affordable solution for projects that otherwise would need a more expensive team of interchangeable lenses, in addition to a short-throw lens. Features in this low-profile installation projector include resolution WUXGA, operation of 360 °, adjustment of four corners, Picture-in-Picture and connectivity HDBaseT", explains Philip Watt, Commercial Product Manager of Optoma Europe.

Images can be displayed in a full range of 360 ° along the horizontal axis of the projector and also it can be rotated 90 degrees to project an image in mode portrait, making it ideal for digital signage applications.

Designed for exhibitions, museums, galleries, meeting rooms, meeting spaces and retail environments, the ZU500TST has the added benefit of displacement of horizontal and vertical lens that allows fast and precise installation.

Optoma ZU500TST

The geometric setting of four corners is also included for irregular walls or where the placement of the projector is awkward and should be mounted at an angle.

It also includes one input HDBaseT to simplify the cabling requirements and reduce the complexity of the installation, saving time and reducing costs.

The new model is also compatible with Picture-by-Picture (PbP) and Picture-in-Picture (PiP), ideal for videoconferencing and other collaborative applications.


Optoma set geometric four corners

  • Short team.
  • WUXGA resolution.
  • 5000 lumens brightness.
  • 20,000 hours of maintenance-free DuraCore laser light source.
  • Certified IP5X dust-resistant.
  • Installation flexibility: operation at 360°, correction of four corners, change of lens.
  • Receiver integrated HDBaseT.

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By • 31 Aug, 2018
• Section: Digital signage, Projection, Telepresence / Videoconferencing