This London Business School offers its students conferences with professors and speakers, represented by holograms, which can interact live.

Imperial College conferences with Arhtmedia holograms

The technology, developed by the company of holograms Average AHRT and adapted by the Edtech Lab of the Imperial College Business SchoolIt will enable teachers and guest speakers present their papers in real time, via hologram, from studios located in a variety of global locations including United States, Canada and Singapore.

Hologram allows presenters to appear as life-size entities in 3D inside one of the theatres of school conferences and, instead of projecting a prerecorded message, can interact with students on real time, respond to the reactions of the audience and their questions through a link from camera, as if they were physically present in the Conference room.

Imperial College conferences with Arhtmedia holograms

The ability of displaying hyperrealist AHRT average human holograms, as well as all kinds of dynamic content in 3D, allows you to offer an experience truly immersive and feel that he was actually in the room.

Technology will also allow the Imperial College Business School host conferences in multiple classes and locations simultaneously, as well as panel discussions and events round table with a mix of face-to-face and virtual speakers.

"Introduce holograms technology classroom break the limitations of traditional teaching to create an interactive experience that benefits both students and academics. Rather than replace or reduce the real life conferences, hologram technology will provide greater flexibility for academics to enable them to continue teaching as it travels, ensuring consistency and quality for students. Will also expand the scope for global and influential industry leaders be invited to give talks to students, thus enriching the learning experience", explains David Lefèvre, director of the Edtech Lab.

The hologram is the latest addition to the catalogue of technologies currently employed by the Edtech Lab to create more effective ways of learning. Other recent innovations include a robo-tutor, a chatbot of Artificial Inteligenica to support distance students in programs of MBA and a Masters in Business Analytics online.

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By • 12 Nov, 2018
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