At the stand of ISE is presented its new audiovisual solutions for signage and business, ranging from 30,000 lumens EB-L30000U projector to the compact system EB-U50, passing through the laser installation EB-L1075U, L1070U-EB and EB-L1050U.

Epson ISE 2019

Epson He has come to IF 2019 with a spectacular display of augmented reality and immersive experiences. A stand in the is being presented a wide line of imaging solutions and Neil Colquhoun, Vice President of Cismea and professional projection systems of Epson Europe, describes as "the most powerful audiovisual line" to date.

ISE 2019 Epson EB-L30000UThis includes the system of 30,000 lumens EB-L30000U compact projector posters EB-U50, passing through the laser systems of EB-L1075U, L1070U-EB and EB-L1050U installation.

"We have completed our impressive range of installation projectors to give an adequate response to the most demanding environments, and we hope that everyone can see them at ISE," adds Colquhoun.

Epson has presented in Amsterdam his laser projector of 30,000 lumens EB-L30000U prior to its official launch, which will take place in the year 2020. This equipment is intended for rental and installation companies as well as the markets of hospitality, museums and tourism.

Epson ISE 2019

Laser installation projectors

Epson ISE 2019Epson has also unveiled its latest range of laser projectors EB-L1075U, L1070U-EB and EB-L1050U installation. Compact equipment that adapt to any environment, include improving 4K and allow the use of interchangeable lenses.

Designed for use in large spaces, from tourist attractions to auditoriums, museums and meeting rooms, these projectors produce bright images (up to 7,000 lumens). Its minimalist design, together with a quieter ventilation system, they ensure its adaptation to a wide variety of environments.

For each projector is supplied only the central unit, which offers the user a wide range of optional lenses. This flexible approach allows you to adjust the lens most appropriate for each scenario.

Epson EB-L1075U L1070U L1050UAvailable 12 interchangeable lenses from Epson, which include screenings of short and long distance. It also provides a multi-purpose package with lens ELPLM08, for those who need a solution of screening complete and ready to use.

The laser projectors EB-L1075U, L1070U-EB and EB-L1050U offer resolution WUXGA, 4K, laser light source technology improvement, up to 7,000 lumens, high CLO (brightness in color), 3LCD technology and a native contrast ratio of 2000:1.

Easy installation and high reliability, allow a simple adjustment and make possible its integration even in areas of difficult access. The ability to be installed in 360 degrees, working silently and its lighter represent an improvement over the previous series. Once installed, these projectors laser do not require maintenance for 20,000 hours.

Epson ISE 2019

EB-U50 for digital signage

Epson EB-U50ISE has also been the venue for presenting projector EB-U50 digital signage. Designed to capture the attention of the public planning and lighting virtually any surface, fits easily and discrete space.

It can be used as a projector or bulb, and is ideal for shop windows, shops showrooms, dynamic, or experiential contents for digital art, commercial signage, decoration, education or corporate presentations.

The EB-U50 offers a flexible, a rail lighting, ceiling or floor mounting, and can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 30 degrees vertically. You can also lean to project vertically.

It includes the Epson Projector Content Manager software for quick and easy setup. Reproduction does not require a PC (with built-in WiFi), but that is done through a USB drive and can be changed using a remote control. It also includes multiprojection functions to enable the combination of edges, show images to scale, adjust multiple projected images and synchronize playback.

EpsonVortex and National Theatre

Epson ISE 2019Experiences that are being developed at its stand (Pavilion 1 H90) include H90 EpsonVortex, a kinetic 'portal', 360 degree that immerses the visitor in the environment and makes that integrates in the installation.

For their accomplishment, Epson has employed 16 laser projectors EB-L1755U stacked on two levels, ELPLU03 lenses and a 4 d custom with multichannel audio soundtrack. Visitors become part of this unique since, upon entering the portal, they are mapped using a matrix laser with images in real time, creating a show in constant change that responds to every movement of the person.

Another of the highlights of the booth is a demonstration, by the British National Theatre, of their new sunglasses with intelligent subtitles designed for people with hearing loss.

Sunglasses with intelligent subtitles use the Epson Moverio augmented reality smartglasses to provide theatre goers transcripts of dialogue synchronized in real time directly on your field of vision, through the glasses. This means that people with hearing loss can follow the action without diverting the view of the stage.

Epson ISE 2019

"Augmented reality is reaching the age of majority, and many applications are shifting from the proof of concept to conventional implementation. Our work with the National Theatre shows how the smartglasses can help people with hearing problems, making the theatre more accessible, and is one of the many useful applications in a wide range of sectors, from retail, to the health care and education, through the technical services and maintenance, entertainment, museums and attractions for visitors", says Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi, Director of development of new markets for Epson EMEA.

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