Designed for optimum scalability and flexibility, its wireless design ensures that the signals are confined within the walls of the room where the Conference takes place.

Audio Technic Atuc go

Audio-Technica It has just presented a new set of lectures by infrared, ATU-IR, which is attached to the digital discussion ATUC-50 system.

Designed for optimum scalability and flexibility, infrared-based design which offers the ATUC-go solution ensures that signals are confined within the walls of the room where the Conference takes place. In addition, can be used in situations where there are limitations to use wired systems like for example, the historical buildings.

Thanks to the hybrid technology used in the mainframe ATUC-IRCU, it is possible to combine the advantages offered by infrared transmission technology and components ATUC-50 without having to resort to the use of an additional central unit.

Combining an ATUC-IRCU unit (or the compatible with Dante, ATUC-IRcudan) with up to two additional units ATUC-50CU, it is possible to get an installation with up to 500 units of debate (infrared 200-300 wired). ATUC-IRCU and ATUC - IRcudan control the units of debate in this combination and allow recording to a USB device.

Debate ATUC-IRDU unit is very easy to use and offers two multi-purpose buttons (that can be shared between two delegates), two ports for headphones and customizable RGB Led. The rechargeable batteries of the system can also be exchanged during operation, when two batteries are used.

Multi-language applications, it is possible to connect to the system up to six units of translation (ATUC-50INT), allowing to manage up to three languages. Also includes features like remote control via web, IP control to allow access from systems manufactured by third parties and suppressor of acoustic feedback incorporated.

This solution of Conference was presented at the last edition of IF it closed its doors in Amsterdam last week.

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By • 12 Feb, 2019
• Section: Audio, AV Conferencing, Events, Telepresence / Videoconferencing