In order to invite professionals who have visited its stand at ISE 2019 to experience the future with its technology, makers of Sharp Europe, Chris Parker and Alfred Lozano, detailed in this video interview your innovation ecosystem.

Sharp ISE2019

A broad portfolio in new products and solutions make the proposal presented by Sharp Europe during the recent celebration of ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, which has been the common denominator of their developments, with the screen Windows Collaboration Display (WCD) as protagonist, in collaboration and interactivity along with the bet on their computers by the 8 K.

Sharp ISE2019Chris Parker, product manager of Sharp Europe, thus noted in the attached video: "with WCD have a great and innovative solution, specified and certified for Windows, which not only improves the team meetings, but with which it is possible to employ a strategy" efficient in smart buildings, since it integrates a unit of IoT sensors to monitor the environment, sending data to the platform Azure Digital Twins to help facilities managers to manage the occupation of the rooms, quality levels air, ambient light, temperature and humidity".

Innovation that Sharp has also shown in the contest in their area dedicated to technology 8K, "with the second generation of screens with this resolution and a size of 80", that joins our growing ecosystem with this great technology for use in different applications such as automotive, medicine, surveillance... ", says Parker.

Sharp ISE2019The 8K ecosystem has been one the areas that has most caught the attention of professionals, of which Alfred Lozano, visual solution technical sales of Sharp Europe, highlights mentioned 80 inches monitor, "equipped with a camera capable of capturing, recording and playback contained in 8 K, together with the display of a prototype of the first compact camera's 8 K, which will be available in the market at the end of this year".

Visualization and interactivity on large format

Another innovation has come from its recognized range of 4 K Big Pad touch panels, which expands "with new lines for education, with IR technology with embedded Android, 70, 75 and 85" formats, as well as the business environment in 65, 75 and 86"and technology InGlass.

Sharp ISE2019

The manufacturer maintains its award-winning FlagShip series, in formats of 70 and 80 "and capacitive technology, which adds to the innovative concept of the WCD screen," in addition to these three ranges, maintain our small touch monitors from 40 and 50", which can be integrated in multiple solutions for education, corporate and retail".

The range of monitors with integrated SoC adds teams at 65, 75 and 85 ", 16/7 and 24/7, for retail environment, and the Basic 4K range now includes 43 to 86 inches. Innovation videowall, manufacturer keeps with pride its system of 70 "," which remains the largest market of its kind,"says Lozano.

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