The Japanese company has presented a wide range of innovations ranging from their new TVs OLED 4K projection of sound systems, new cameras and beauty devices.

Panasonic Iberia Mirko Scaletti

"We want to present first and Madrid to all of our customers the latest news for 2019, developed to improve our lives: from the amazing experience of Hollywood that bring us the OLED TV and LCD or feeling that we experienced in skin" Thanks to the products of Panasonic personal beauty, to the possibilities of the new Full Frame cameras", said Mirko Scaletti, director-general of Panasonic Iberia, in his presentation.

The day featured a paper run by Sergio Álvarez Teleña, expert on artificial intelligence and responsible of SciTheWorld, who has deepened in the data technology applied in robotic machines, for which Panasonic bets around the world.

Panasonic Sergio Alvarez SciTheWorldPanasonic, which has celebrated its 100 years of history through initiatives such as the achievement of its second neutral factory in CO2 emissions in Belgium (after the first of Japan) as part of its sustainable strategy, has a clear objective in this regard: "bet for the decarbonization of society - said Scaletti-. Our environmental mission for 2050 is that green energy we create is greater than the energy used, from the manufacture of the product throughout its life cycle."

Among the many products and devices that will see the light in what is left of year, in the environment of TV highlights the GZ2000 model, which incorporates a panel Professional edition4 K OLED, made-to-measure "to emulate the best cinema experience", for what counts with improvements of the colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld Hollywood, with color unaprecision extraordinary and average levels of brightness.

Panasonic tV oled 4kPanasonic GZ2000 incorporates also a new processor HCX Pro Intelligent and is the currently the first TV in the world compatible with the dynamic image format HDR10 +, Dolby Vision and HLG Photo.

It adds that it is the first to integrate targeted ceiling speakers capable of reproducing sound faithfully Dolby Real Atmos in immersive and enveloping way.

Panasonic tV oled 4kLikewise, in 2019 the company also doubles the number his series TVs OLED four (GZ2000, GZ1500, GZ1000 and GZ950), all equipped with the ultra powerful intelligent processor HCX Panasonic Pro and compatible with dynamic metadata HDR10 + formats, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Panasonic introduces three new series of 4K LCD TVs: GX942, GX800 and GX700. The model is GX942, available in 75 ', which incorporates the new intelligent processor HCX Pro and is also compatible with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HDR10 +.

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By • 6 Mar, 2019
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