Manufacturer has taken an innovative step in market display with Colour Transparent Led Film technology, with which it is possible to display images and videos using glass surfaces and creating a digital environment of flexible configuration.

LG colour transparent film led

Colour Transparent Led Film is the latest technology of LG to use any surface of glass in a digital environment in which show videos and images, with 73% of transparency, in a range of 1.7 million colors with, approximately 120 levels of grayscale, according to company data.

LG colour transparent film ledDesigned for maximum flexibility, this film Led can be configured on a bend of up to 1. convex installation 100R. The panels, with a pitch of 24mm and Led R, G, B three in a Color Package, can be placed both horizontally and vertically, and the film can be cut parallel to the bezel.

In addition to UV protection, the brightness can also be modified to adapt it to use indoors, and even during the night so as not to disturb.

LG colour transparent film ledThanks to its 73% of transparency, environmental or led light can pass without problems and illuminating the interior or be nuanced when not in use.

LG Colour Transparent Led Film added advantage as its simple installation, since it is a self-adhesive film that can be removed without leaving residues, especially beneficial when installed in windows or windows of shops, buildings, etc.

The displayed content you can play with the player that integrates or as part of a digital signage platform.

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By • 12 Mar, 2019
• Section: Thoroughly, Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising