This range of systems IFP uses the remote Saffi manufacturer now enabled by voice to simplify and improve the active learning in the classroom and collaboration spaces.

BenQ IFP Premium RP with AWS

Interactive flat panel displays (IFP) of the Premium RP series of BenQ directly integrate remote AWS Technology Assistant Saffi voice of this manufacturer, that contributes improvements in active learning in classrooms and collaborative environments, using simple Amazon voice commands.

This ability to voice activation is available in models RP6501K 65-inch, RP7501K 75 "and RP8601K of 86", with 4K UHD resolution, and manufacturer has available a firmware update to integrate Saffi IFP units that are already on the market.

Once you enable Saffi, users have access to the menus of these interactive flat screen using voice commands to facilitate the work in the above fields. Another advantage is that it also allows to play specific content on the screen, change the menu without being next to the equipment, etc. which contributes to mobility and dynamism in the classroom.

In addition, IFP Premium from BenQ computers use the collaboration features in the cloud and when used with EZWrite manufacturer 5.0 platform, improved interactivity and collaboration to share ideas, notes, capture the screen and make annotations in the same from connected devices, regardless of their location.

Files can be download and upload in services in the cloud, Dropbox and Google Drive, directly from the screen, eliminating the hassle of connecting cables or other devices. Another possibility for these interactive flat screen, which are delivered with two pens, is that they allow to write in it simultaneously to two users with different colors.

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By • 17 Apr, 2019
• Section: Thoroughly, Display