The developer has installed videoconferencing systems Lifesize Icon and Cloud-based solution. With this infrastructure employees can initiate an instant communication from any device, physical or virtual room, at any time and from anywhere.

LifeSize real estate Habitat

Habitat real estate It is a developer with 65 years of history and more than 60,000 homes delivered. With headquarters in Madrid, and offices in Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has one of the largest banks of soil quality in the market to develop more than 10,000 homes, and more from 3,400 in 39 promotions distributed development by Andalucia, Levante, Catalonia, Madrid, Canarias, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia.

Integrity and transparency are the axis around which revolves the relationship with customers, partners and investors, and making the company into a leading company in the sector. This is why I needed to have a provider of videoconferencing solutions both internally and externally, that guarantees you an optimal quality and reliability in their meetings.

Real estate Habitat had another provider with a 'company' solution and move its headquarters to Madrid realized that the Lifesize cloud services were the solution to all their problems, by its simplicity, availability, Ubiquity, zero cost of management and maintenance, and 24 × 7 monitoring.

What were looking for the company was that employees could start an immediate release from any device, physical or virtual room, anytime and from anywhere.

Additionally the usability of systems had to be intuitive with the management and operation of the service, which was to be so simple and easy that it will ensure the constant availability for employees and internal and external communications without large costs of operation.

LifeSize real estate Habitat

End-to-end solution

After analyzing in detail the needs of real estate Habitat, LifeSize It offered the company an extreme solution to end where coverage was given to all the possible scenarios for collaboration. From personal use, supporting all the existing iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms both for internal users, and external users with a technological interoperability that eliminated the barriers of communication, to meeting rooms with Lifesize Icon professional systems.

Lifesize aimed to provide videoconference solutions based on the cloud for any need that had real estate Habitat; from boardrooms to small meeting rooms and spaces for staff. And all this, backed by technical support and local presence, training sessions and customer adoption.

LifeSize offered an architecture consisting of three solutions: Lifesize Icon 600 and 400 and Lifesize Cloud.

The first is prepared for rooms of large dimensions, with special configuration of dual monitor and microphones satellites to cover the collaboration with more than six participants in the same room. Furthermore, the model 400 is a professional system ideal for videoconferences in small, medium-sized rooms and the well-known 'huddlerooms'.

Finally, ifesize Cloud integrates all corporate tools that allow you to prepare for a meeting at any time, either impromptu or scheduled in advance, without changing methodology of customer and inviting even to any technology or existing solution in the market.

Optimize the operation

The deployment of Lifesize solutions has helped real estate Habitat to establish an immediate release of all employees from any device either a put customer, a physical or virtual.

Thanks to its use, real estate Habitat has managed, among other benefits, a very important reduction in travel and displacement, greater agility for communication between remote users who have, and improve the facility to hold an immediate meeting external staff with the virtual rooms.

"Thanks to the use of Lifesize videoconferencing solutions, we have achieved a greater connectivity with all of our delegations and agility we gained in different processes. In addition, we are managing to reduce travel and movement of our employees", says Juan María Sánchez, director of real estate Habitat systems.

The implementation of Lifesize solutions has also led to a reduction in the use of electronic mail and, above all, greater track of daily tasks, offering the possibility of working more quickly and efficiently.

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By • 26 Apr, 2019
• Section: Study cases, Telepresence / Videoconferencing