The combination of Vogel's mounting frame and ship bezel LCD video panel allow for spectacular experiences immersive.

Vogel’s It has created mounting structure curved bezel LCD video Panel Ship UniSee. This allows your configuration and repair keeping the benefits offered by UniSee Mount, including alignment and service, without damaging the panels. The new curve structure extends UniSee mounting options and opens new opportunities in a wide variety of applications, including halls, control rooms, experience centers, broadcast studios, and simulation and training centres.

The curved walls create a deep sense of immersion. In large installations, straight configurations are not easy to see in its entirety.

Taking into account difficulties during installation, it is obvious that maintenance is even more difficult. The Elimination of a single central panel is often impossible, so it is necessary to eliminate all screens to repair the walls. This causes a very long service time (up to several days). The curved mounting developed by Vogel's for boat UniSee eliminates these challenges.

This allows a concave curve settings from 0 to 10 degrees, in steps of 1 degree. All the strengths of boat UniSee features, including automatic optimal alignment in all directions (X, and y Z). Significantly reduces the risk of damage to the screen during installations and service becomes quickly and safely, thanks to the innovative sliding panels.

The complete solution is based on a solid rear structure offered by Vogel's in combination with curved crosses and special corner pieces that form part of the curved accessory kit UniSee. This solution is available in horizontal and vertical mode as a floor-to-wall mounting structure.

"The curved mounting structure raises boat UniSee visual experience to a new level. "Following its philosophy this not only mounting structure allows a curved installation, but it also makes is much easier, faster and safer", says Pietro Capretta, Product Manager of boat.

Vogel's can also offer curved mounting structure based on the same concept for the series of videowall LCD OverView of boat (LVD5521B and KVD5521B).

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By • 13 May, 2019
• Section: accessories, OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display