The project room of the University of Ghent presented special conditions to install a video wall, configured with OverView KVD5521B screens, which Vogel's solved with a custom solution based on Connect-it.

Ghent University with Vogels and Boat

Visualization is a great asset when trying to design or optimize an industrial manufacturing process, but it is difficult to establish an ideal environment. Not only is a way to visualize the drawing, you also need an immersive overview that shows in a realistic and engaging way how to adapt and apply the changes to the virtual model.

To this end, the Digital Twin Control Room was created, a project of the Industrial Systems Engineering research group of the University of Ghent (Belgium).

Ghent University with Vogels and Boat

Established at its campus in Kortrijk, this project has been carried out with the screens of Ship (visualization), assembly solutions Vogel's and integration was carried out by Axians Audiovisual Belgium in Lucodex.

In order to create the best solution to visualize the process, it was important to give the screens a 180-degree curvature. However, there was the restriction of not being able to anchor the solution due to the underfloor heating elements of the building. To solve this situation Vogel's created a custom structure based on the Universal Connect-it system.

Ghent University with Vogels and Boat

Barco's OverView KVD5521B displays have been used for videowall configuration. Modular LCD equipment that has been mounted vertically to create the curve.

To create an immersive effect, images are displayed on the video wall as a circular canvas. Every four screens (2 upper and 2 lower) change the viewpoint, so a person standing in the middle can easily look and feel part of the virtual world.

The displayed process can be controlled with the help of the touch screens located on the table and a control knob. This technology boasts a video wall that is not wired to the physical automation process, and all content and tasks are performed wirelessly.

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By • 8 Oct, 2019
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