Following the agreement reached at the end of last year to market their solutions in Germany, now being done the transfer of its distribution in Spain to Audio-Technica Iberia.

Martin Audio dsitribuye Audio Technica Iberia

At the end of 2018, Audio-Technica Germany became the distributor of Martin Audio for the Germanic country. Now it has been announced the transfer of its distribution in Spain to Audio-Technica Iberia. It is an agreement which has just entered into force, already settled in ISE in February but was confirmed in 2019 Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.

Martin Audio dsitribuye Audio Technica IberiaOn this distribution operation Sylvain Hochart, CEO of Audio-Technica Iberia, said their satisfaction for having added to his portfolio the Martin Audio solutions, which are attached to a mixers Allen & Heath, microphones Audio-Technica and professional studio monitors of Genelec. "We were looking for a brand of speakers of the highest quality, prestige and high value. Martin Audio was our first choice, especially after the agreement reached in such a positive way in Germany".

The agreement is the result of negotiations carried out between Dom Harter, MD Martin audio and the director of international sales, Bradley Watson, after having been presented by the director general of Audio-Technica Germany, Matthias Exner. "Both Audio-Technica and Martin Audio are brands with strong values and principles, as well as a rich heritage. Therefore, it was an obvious bargaining, and means that we can now offer a complete solution from beginning to end,"stressed Hochart.

With offices in Madrid and Barcelona, Audio-Technica Iberia has product managers specializing in the areas of live sound and fixed installations, supervised by Gabriel Albornoz, manager of Professional Audio.

After attending Open Days, recently held in High Wycombe, Gabriel Albornoz is to shown very optimistic about the possibilities that are opened with the Martin Audio catalog availability. "I love the two-way point source loudspeaker. CDD-LIVE8 impressed us pleasantly and gives us the possibility of offering the highest quality portable systems. "We also have great expectations for the WPC and WPM (Wavefront Precision) systems Compact and Mini Line Arrays, which are very suitable for small rental companies or medium, thanks to its scalable solutions".

"A pan-European agreement was always part of the plan, by the advantages that offers a centralized ordering process. Audio-Technica Iberia has an excellent territorial network of specialists who, collectively, bring huge experience. We are eager to begin work with Sylvain and his team", says Bradley Watson,

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By • 4 Jun, 2019
• Section: Audio, Business