This manufacturer Kinetic series allows to create audiovisual settings 3D great impact and showmanship, presentations of fixed installation for both events.

The kinetic displays Extreme Quality Control Led)EQC) are now added to the stock of the specialist Sono Audiovisual technology, which provides with its new series of Kinetic the latest innovation in Visual solutions with this technology, with modules on the move in sync with the image (additional information at) digital AV).

With a pixel pitch of 5 mm, resolution 80x80p and 3,840 Hz refresh rate, these new screens allow you to create 3D shapes, offering much more impressive audiovisual configurations, for events and presentations of the installation sets.

As a supplier of audiovisual equipment EQC, Sono proposal is enriched with one of the brands of reference in this market, with the incorporation of the first kinetic Led display of the Spanish market, "offering new creative 3D possibilities, they are now available to all our customers".

This type of mechanized Led display is configured in modules that move synchronized with images, which allows creargran variety of figures and audiovisual compositions. "If until now we were used to enjoy AV content whose images were the sound of music and lighting effects, this new Kinetic system incorporate mobility into the own Led display", explained from Sono.

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By • 13 Jun, 2019
• Section: Display, Business