Its offer includes articulated brackets that fit the back of these thin equipment: fixed, extra thin and motorized. It has also developed accessories for LG equipment such as the Next 7346 and Next 7356 powered.

Vogels wall mounts for Oled TV

To complement the minimalist design of an OLED TV, Vogel’s He has developed several articulated wall mounts that fit the back of these thin equipment: fixed, extra thin and motorized.

OLED TV screens are extremely thin, as they don't use backlight technology that makes others thicker. Vogel's mounts allow for a very smooth turning motion, perfect fit and make the screens stay fully glued.

Vogels wall mounts for Oled TVThe Thin 546 articulated TV stand has been specially designed for OLED TV, with a distance to the wall is 45 mm. maximum load capacity of 30 kilos. It allows you to stick to the wall virtually any OLED TV between 40 and 65 inches.

Next 7356 TV support automatically rotates and is controlled through an app. With this Wall Mount for OLED, suitable for screens between 4 and 65 inches, no retouch of the screen is required.

Vogel's has also developed special wall mounts for OLED in cooperation with LG, as the back of most of these LG equipment is different from that of other TVs. The Next 7346 and Next 7356 (motorized) wall mounts fit LG OLED TVs. Vogel's has also developed a flat and articulated solution for the Signature W7, W8 and Wg models: Next 7505 flat and Next 7555 articulated (motorized).

With a flat wall mount, it is possible to mount the OLED TV attached to the wall as a frame. With the Thin, Thin 505 or Thin 405 series you can mount even more attached to the wall.

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By • 1 Oct, 2019
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