This advance in streaming video distribution allows end users to simultaneously stream up to six videos (so far there were only four) in multicast from a single endpoint.

the multinational Tripleplay has not been able to wait for the close celebration of ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, from 11 to 14 next February, to present its new six-way Multiview feature (until now it was four-way) for its TripleSign digital signage system, although it will perform demonstrations during this contest.

The six-way Multiview feature, which will be available as part of the release of TriplePlay's Caveman 3.0 software, allows end users to simultaneously stream up to six multicast videos at a single endpoint, a radical change in the distribution of video for the ICT market.

Some of the applications of this feature include the transmission of business information in financial corporations, in the media or in live news; live video streams at a Network Operations Center (NOC); setting up videowall in a differential way in a company, as well as own control stations.

With this announcement, Tripleplay has introduced two more streams to its original Multiview solution, giving customers the ability to bring more content to a single advanced digital signage playback device.

For Mike Ditum, Director of Software Development at Tripleplay, "Multiview has been a real change. With the added benefit of deploying two additional live video streams, we now offer customers the ability to have up to six preconfigured streams on a single device. This is a truly unique app in the AV industry."

Multiview is not only an innovative technology tool for live events and stadiums, but can be applied at corporate headquarters and network operations centers to deliver up-to-the-minute information efficiently and reliably.

"Once again, Tripleplay demonstrates its ability to listen to its customers and meet their demands with simple and effective innovations," Ditum says. Multiview is not available on all digital signage players, the complete list of which is provided by the manufacturer.

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By • 14 Jan, 2020
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